Montecito High students showcased at county fair

Montecito High School San Diego County Fair Student Show award winners are pictured with their teacher, Jeanine Hawkins (front center), and county fair officials.
Montecito High School San Diego County Fair Student Show award winners are pictured with their teacher, Jeanine Hawkins (front center), and county fair officials.

Visitors to the Student Showcase section of the San Diego County Fair will find the names of Montecito High School student award-winners in several divisions. The fair continues through Wednesday, July 4, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Among Montecito High award winners are:

DRAFTING DIVISIONS Exhibitor NameDescriptionAward Suzie Weir               Architectural Rendering/Presentation   Best in Show & Class First Place Michael Hamlin    Architectural Rendering/Presentation     Second Place Santiago Oros       Architectural Rendering/Presentation      Second Place

FINE ART DIVISIONS Exhibitor Name            Description                                             Award Group Project               Recycled Art Mosaic                              Best in Class—First Place Simonne Hanson          Ink                                                            Second Place Alex Suazo                      Ink                                                            Second Place Jessica Jensen               Pencil                                                       Second Place Simonne Hanson          Paint                                                         Second Place Alec Baron                      Ink                                                            Third Place Hailey Byers                   Ink                                                            Third Place Jasmine Hill                   Pencil                                                       Third Place Skylar Paschke               Ink                                                            Third Place Payfa Promjaroen          Ink                                                            Third Place Jose Romero                   Paint                                                         Third Place Aldair Sanchez                Paint                                                         TBD

GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS DIVISIONS Exhibitor NameDescriptionAward Jasmine Hill                         Publication                                            First Place David Peralta                       Digital Composite Image                    Second Place Alejandro Rendon              Computer Graphic                                Second Place Marjorie Blakeney              Digital Composite Image                    Third Place Marjorie Blakeney              Poster                                                      Third Place LK Fair Theme                    Poster                                                      Third Place Paul Rosenbusch                Portfolio                                                  Third Place Alex Suazo                           Computer Graphic                                 Third Place Daniel Leon Digital           Composite Image                                    Fourth Place

PHOTOGRAPHY DIVISIONS Exhibitor NameDescriptionAward Victoria Allen                            San Diego County Lifestyles                      First Place Logan Clark                               San Diego County Lifestyles                      First Place Daniel Leon                               Creative Photography                                  Second Place David Peralta                            Creative Photography                                  Second Place Victoria Allen                            Color Photography                                       Third Place Logan Clark                               Monochrome Image                                     Third Place LK                                                Photo Restoration                                         Third Place



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