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Fire safety ordinances need to be followed

With all of the focus on the wildfire season, let’s focus more on those officials whose job it is to ensure ordinances are followed. In particular, let’s focus on the enforcement of ordinances such as forcing residents to clear their yards.

Last year, my neighbor was warned of the condition of his yard after it was noticed by crews clearing along the public road that runs along the backside of his property. He did not heed the warning and the fire department, including the fire marshal (at least that’s how the truck was labeled) directed a crew to “clear” the property. The “clearing” involved cutting down the vegetation and LEAVING the cuttings behind to completely dry out, a foot deep.

Not only did this incident result in multiple threats against the members of my household, my property, and my pets, but it increased the fire danger, as the clippings provided mulch and cover for the seeds. The weeds and other wild vegetation are worse than they have ever been and it’s only been 8 months.

If the officials are going to cause hate and discontent amongst neighbors, they need to ensure they actually accomplish something. Leaving the clippings behind, thereby increasing fire danger, and not checking up on known offenders is more reckless than the offenders’ actions.

Tracy Watzek


Thank you all for the beautiful trees at RCS

Weekends are generally best spent relaxing at home or getting some things done around your own house. But not on a recent Saturday. Not for the many Ramona Rotarians who planted 15 beautiful trees around the grounds and campus of Ramona Community School.

Many thanks to Ramona Rotary for the digging and planting, and to the San Diego Regional Urban Forests Council, the Ramona Chamber of Commerce, the Ramona Tree Trust, local business owners who supported the work and the workers, and to our own Ed Anderson and the amazingly knowledgeable Dan Swaim.

It was a delightful surprise to walk onto campus and find large, young trees planted in critical places to provide future shade for our students. Our school is an even more beautiful place now!

On behalf of our staff and our students, thank you for the hours of planning, applying, selecting, and planting. It is a joy to see commitment to service put into action by so many people in our community.

Carol Tennebaum


Ramona Community School

Bin Laden killing seems vengeance, not justice

Congressman Hunter, this action toward Osama bin Laden has all of the appearances of vengeance, not justice. The differences can be distinguished by looking at the actions of two very different people. Justice looks like what President Bush ordered for Saddam Hussein, where soldiers brought the man from his hiding place to be tried for what he had been accused of.

This president’s order to kill bin Laden, rush to prove that it is bin Laden, and then respectfully dispose of the body has completely left out that entire justice element that we are so fond of. Most lawyers tell us that every person deserves to face their accuser, look at the evidence being presented against them, be defended, and judge accordingly. I don’t take satisfaction in seeing our nation being ordered by the commander in chief to debase itself to the same murdering level as what we accused bad guys of.

My preference is to figure out how to enter a country legally, capture the accused, and bring him to justice.

Providing a means of bringing the accused to justice would have fit right in line with the American way, but would have required some skill and effort by leaders not bound by politics.

Honestly, if we can’t lead with better examples, then we need to stop telling murdering dictators how they should live.

Carolyn Dorroh




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