Rants & Raves


Congrats to newly crowned Ramona Rodeo Queen Sarah Baughman and Junior Queen Megan Buckley.


After 10 years we finally got bin Laden, but let’s not rejoice too much; our job is not finished.


Ramona’s crime rate went up as most of the county went down. In fact, most types of crime reported increased an average of 11% in Ramona. This is not what Ramona wants to be known for. Everyone needs to be more vigilant and responsible so those who think they can get away with crimes will think twice.


To all of the moms who were recognized on Sunday, thank you for all that you do without ever asking for thanks. You are the unsung heroes of day-to-day family life for which we are all grateful.


Los Angeles Lakers players Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, what a disgrace to the rest of the professionals who play NBA basketball. Sunday’s game was a total butt kicking by Dallas. Apparently these players thought that gave them the right to act like thugs on the court — two cheap shots and a total display of poor sportsmanship. The ownership of the Lakers should look to unload these pathetic examples, and the league needs to dish out lengthy suspensions.


Ramona High School, which received two awards for excellence from the California Department of Education. One award for having an “Exemplary Career Technical Education Program” (1 of 7 selected in the state); and the other for being a “2011 Distinguished High School” (1 of 50 selected in the state). Congratulations for these outstanding achievements.

More Raves:

For the new wine tours that will be starting soon in Ramona, to the second annual Bluegrass & Old West Festival, and to all of those who donated time and resources in the planting of 40 trees for Arbor Day.

—Jeff Mitchell




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