San Diego County Water Authority lifts water restrictions

By Karen Brainard

San Diego County Water Authority (CWA) directors have announced an end to mandatory urban and agricultural water supply cutbacks and have lifted the region-wide call for mandatory water use restrictions.

The CWA is the sole supplier of water to the Ramona Municipal Water District.

CWA’s changes will mean the Ramona water district will be doing the same, said RMWD General Manager Ralph McIntosh said. “It takes us out of the conservation plan that we have in place.”

The County Water Authority’s announcement follows Gov. Jerry Brown’s declaration that the drought is over, and the Metropolitan Water District’s notice that it is lifting its mandatory restrictions and restoring allocations.

California residents are still advised to use water wisely, and RMWD General Manager Ralph McIntosh said the cost of water will probably continue to rise.

“With rates continuing to rise, people will conserve. I think price points are going to be the driving factor of how water is used,” said McIntosh, who is the district’s representative to the County Water Authority.

With no mandatory water restrictions and suspension of cutbacks for agricultural customers, McIntosh said RMWD will be making changes on its website and sending letters to its agricultural customers.

The CWA and RMWD members applaud the people, the businesses and especially agricultural customers for their water-saving efforts, said McIntosh. A poll commissioned by the CWA showed that most residents plan to continue their water-saving practices. It also found that four out of five residents support the water authority’s plan to diversify water resources but are concerned about rate increases to support such investments in water reliability projects.



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