Three hikers help fight garage fire

Dear Fire Angels,

About 6:30 a.m. this morning (Sunday), I was going out to get my newspaper when I saw smoke coming out of my garage. I ran to tell my wife to get up, called 911 and returned to the garage to fight the fire.

At the same time three hikers at the Cedar Creek Falls trail head (two women and a man) came running up to help. The man grabbed a garden hose and started fighting the fire. In a few minutes the fire was out.

The three walked away to start their hike. I had a feeling the three did not know each other before this incident.

The fire personnel said if the fire had gone a few minutes more, we could have lost our home. I thanked the fireman, but not the three angels.

I hope they will see this letter and know how much I appreciated their help.

Phil Harding




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