Parcel tax unfair to rural property owners, says Jacob

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob is speaking out against the passage of a state assembly bill that she says would unfairly impose an annual parcel tax of up to $150 on rural property owners.

Jacob’s office said the bill would affect 73,000 homes in San Diego County, and would give the state a total of $10.9 million.

The bill says an amount not to exceed $150, established as a fire prevention fee, would be charged on each structure on a parcel that is within a state responsibility area.

The bill, ABX1 29 (Blumenfield-D), had not been sent to the governor’s office by early this week.

Jacob, whose District 2 includes Ramona, said, “Once again, members of California’s desperate legislature are unfairly targeting rural property owners to make up for the state’s inability to balance its budget and adequately fund fire protection.”

Jacob said that the bill amounts to double taxation because rural property owners are already paying for fire protection through their property taxes. Many residents are paying additional taxes to their local fire districts, she added.

“Some are victims of the 2003 and 2007 fires, so these folks would be getting burned twice,” said Jacob. “The bill provides zero additional services and fleeces rural property owners while allowing legislators to avoid prioritizing the state’s most basic responsibilities.”



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