Spend money on other road projects

Can you believe it? They are still at it. RCPG is still pushing the proposed Ramona Street extension forward.

When you walk on the top of a cliff, the path seems fairly level. When you get to the bluff and look down at the steep drop, you realize the bluff doesn’t lend itself readily to a road. There are two roads that go around the hill, as common sense dictates should be the case. There is a reason the original planners went around the hill.

Why is RCPG so intent on destroying the lives and homes of the people who live on that hill and at its base? If the county money is burning a hole in their pockets, why not do something useful like completing 13th Street? That’s a business district and has the library. A paved road and/or a bridge would facilitate access to those. Everyone benefits. No one’s dreams and lifetime work are destroyed.

The proposed route for a Ramona Street extension penetrates a heavy agriculture area where people have spent their lives building agricultural lives for their families, benefiting Ramona. An aqueduct runs along the top of that hill. It would have to be moved. That cost would probably be $1 million. There is a water line, in addition, that would have to be moved. Tons of dirt, encroaching almost 100 feet on one person’s property, coming within 3 feet of the corner of another house, and a very few feet of another house, destroying these people’s homes and lives. For what? It’s not needed. There is no traffic problem there that needs to be solved. It’s time for the RCPG to move on to another project that benefits, not destroys, the lives of Ramonans.

I don’t live on the hill, but down where Ramona Street is wide and experience the high speeds traveled there. It is unsafe, especially with all the schools near and the children walking there. If the proposed extension is put through, it will be even worse. It’s not broke. Don’t fix it.

Cheryl Snyder




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