Dump truck drivers cause concern

A recent


reported that the Ramona Landfill ceased operations in 2009. State environmental regulations mandated that the 28-acre site be “capped off” with 4 feet of dirt. These requirements have resulted in as many as 100 large dump trucks full of soil passing through Ramona daily.

I believe that many, if not most of the residents within a several mile radius of the landfill think that the environmental regulations are reasonable and hope that applying 4 feet of soil on the landfill will reduce or eliminate future hazards to air and water quality. Thurston Thompson, the landfill site manager, was quoted to say that he has talked to neighbors of the landfill site and that “for the most part, residents are not upset” with the truck traffic.

From the neighborhood perspective, the residents are not upset with the inconvenience of trucking soil through our neighborhoods to properly “seal the landfill.”

The residents are profoundly upset with dump trucks greatly exceeding the speed limits, talking on their cell phones when driving, tailgating cars and “cutting corners.”

One young mother (who thousands of Ramona residents know due to her employment) was almost crushed, squashed and splattered across the pavement due to a dump truck crossing into her lane when turning left at the intersection of Haverford and Pamo. This young woman followed the truck to the landfill to inform the driver of the almost dire consequences of his actions. The driver cursed at her and threatened her during their conversation.

Residents placed calls of concern to Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s office and requested that she use her authority to intervene. The CHP has had a strong presence over the past week. Numerous citations have been given for driving infractions.

Does Allied Waste Industries, the owner of the Ramona Landfill, have any responsibility for repairing the significant road damage that has occurred on Haverford, Elm and Pamo roads?

Dan Ruops




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