UFO reported at fireworks

By Maureen Robertson


Sometimes the answer to a question is where you are. A caller to

The reported UFO sighting during the Ramona fireworks on July 4 was a remote-controlled helicopter a man launched during the festivities. Sentinel photo/Maureen Robertson



on Tuesday morning asked if anyone else was asking about a UFO — unidentified flying object — in the sky during the July 4th Fireworks Monday evening. Ramona High digital photography teacher

Tim Hall

, who was trying a new photographic technique during the fireworks (one of his photos is on page 1 of today’s paper), had the answer. He was in the


office paginating the newspaper and explained that it was a remote-controlled helicopter that a man had launched from a church parking lot a couple blocks from the fireworks staging area on school district property off San Vicente Road. The toy plane rose 200 feet to 300 feet in the air and hovered in the air before moving closer to the fireworks and then descending.



Woody Kirkman

, president of the

Ramona Town Hall Board

, administered the oath of office to

Honorary Mayor Sharon Davis

during the patriotic program

The Bible Woody Kirkman used during Honorary Mayor Sharon Davis' swearing-in ceremony belonged to his great-grandmother, Gertrude Kirkman. Sentinel Photo/Maureen Robertson

portion of

Ramona Rotary’s July 4th Family Picnic & Fireworks

event on Monday, he had her place her hand on a Bible that belonged to his great-grandmother, the late

Gertrude Kirkman

  1. It seemed fitting that a historic Bible be used as Davis starts her second two-year term as Ramona Town Hall ambassador and fundraiser.

Davis told the crowd that she and the Town Hall board are “working very, very hard to restore the Town Hall” at 729 Main St. The historic building’s been in the community since the 1890s.

Augustus and Martha Barnett

donated it to the townspeople of Ramona (then Nuevo) on Feb. 2, 1894.


’s Then and Now photographs of Ramona were a hit at

Ramona Day

Craig Jung, Ramona chamber’s executive director, holds one of the three panels of Then and Now photos he brought to San Diego County Fair on Saturday, Ramona Day at the Fair. SentineL photo/Maureen Robertson

at San Diego County Fair

on Saturday. Jung, executive director of the

Ramona Chamber of Commerce

, matched historic photos of Ramona with modern photos of the same buildings or places. The result is a hit wherever he takes them. Even people who’ve never been to Ramona enjoyed them, he said. He has a photo of the Turkey Inn when it was an ice cream parlor and the horse races down Main Street on July 4, 1903. Among other Then and Now shots are Ramona Town Hall, the Guy B. Woodward Museum, Ransom Brothers and First Congregational Church.

The chamber offered free microwave popcorn to visitors to the Ramona tables at the county fair, and

Janice Baldridge

of the San Diego Country Estates Association set up a putting green that was a hit with the youngsters. It was a busy weekend for Jung, who also is a Ramona Rotarian. He also was in charge of the vendors at the July 4th fireworks celebration Monday and, just to be sure nothing went wrong at the site, he set up his RV and spent Sunday and Monday nights on the school property behind Olive Peirce Middle School. That’s dedication.



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