Deskovick wins go-round at Oakdale

By Joe Naiman

Ramona cowboy Matt Deskovick won the second steer wrestling go-round at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo.

Deskovick had a time of 4.1 seconds on his second steer and received $891 for his first-place go-round performance in the April 9-10 rodeo.

Garrett Boekenoogen of Monterey County and Levi Rosser of Marysville split second and third place in the go-round after each had runs of 5.2 seconds.

“I’m glad I won it,” Deskovick said.

The Flying U Rodeo Company used fresh cattle that hadn’t previously been involved in rodeo.

“They’re never really sure how to run,” Deskovick said. “They just kind of run all over the place because they don’t really know where they’re running.”

Although rodeo cowboys are competitors, they usually share knowledge with each other about stock. Such advice was not possible at Oakdale.

“You’ve got to see them run a lot. You’ve got to let them out a lot more because they don’t leave out of the chute very fast,” Deskovick said.

A steer wrestler also has a hazer who guides the steer. Deskovick, who rode Booger Red, had Blaine Jones of Templeton as his hazer. In the first go-round Deskovick waited until he saw all of the steer’s body before he left the chute corner. He was not successful in his first bulldogging effort.

“He cut in front of me, and when I finally got around him he cut in front of the hazing horse,” Deskovick said.

Deskovick had to wait until he saw about half of his second steer’s body before leaving the corner.

“When he left he kind of jumped straight up in the air out of the chute,” Deskovick said.

Deskovick would have preferred payouts in both go-rounds and in the average (aggregate), but he said he was pleased with a go-round win under the circumstances.

“It’s hard to put two together at that type of deal,” he said. “I’ll take what I’ve got.”

Deskovick is owner of Catt Farm & Ranch Supply in Ramona and a member of the Ramona Community Planning Group.



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