Elstons win high school rodeo averages at Brawley

   Cameron and Aleigha Elston of Ramona are winners in the California High School Rodeo Association’s back-to-back rodeos in Brawley,.

   Cameron, a senior at Ramona High School, won the Tie-Down Roping average for both rodeos as well as  three of the four go-rounds in that event. Aleigha, an RHS sophomore, won the Breakaway Roping average in the first rodeo and the day’s second go-round in that event.

   Cameron rode Matt in Tie-Down Roping. In the Jan. 16 rodeo he had winning go-round times of 13.315 and 9.620 seconds to win the average with a two-head time of 23.135 seconds.  Ranchita’s Timothy Robison had a time of 13.640 seconds to place second in the first go-round, Clayton Van Aken was second in the second go-round at 11.465 seconds, and Justin McDaniel’s average of 31.595 seconds placed him second.

   The Jan. 17 rodeo saw Cameron win the first Tie-Down Roping go-round with a time of 9.590 seconds while Cole Bates was second in the go-round at 10.930 seconds. Van Aken won the second go-round with a run of 8.700 seconds with Cameron placing second after a performance of 8.820 seconds. Cameron’s average of 18.410 seconds topped Van Aken’s second-place average of 21.970 seconds.

Aleigha rode Frosty in the Breakaway Roping and was third in the first Jan. 16 go-round with a time of 3.800 seconds.

   Treasure Nunez won the go-round with a run of 2.335 seconds and San Pasqual resident Macy Devenport, who is a sophomore at Julian Charter School, took second with a time of 3.590 seconds.  Aleigha won the second Jan. 16 go-round with a run of 4.070 seconds while Kortney Cleveland was second at 4.140 seconds and Devenport’s time of 5.615 seconds placed third. Aleigha’s winning average of 7.870 seconds was followed by Cleveland’s 8.965-second average and Devenport’s third-place time of 9.205 seconds.

   Ramona High School senior Paige Connelly was seventh in the first Jan. 16 go-round with a Breakaway Roping run of 12.590 seconds. Connelly missed on her second Jan. 16 attempt, but her one-head time gave her ninth in that day’s average.

   In the Jan. 17 Breakaway Roping, a time of 5.040 seconds gave Aleigha fourth in the first go-round while Devenport was eighth at 8.800 seconds. Nunez won the second go-round with a time of 3.120 seconds to edge Devenport’s time of 3.140 seconds and Elston’s third-place performance of 3.880 seconds. Elston’s  average of 8.920 seconds placed her third while Devenport was sixth in the average at 11.940 seconds.  Connelly’s time of 5.910 seconds gave her eighth in the second go-round, but a miss in the first go-round kept her from placing in the average.

   Aleigha and Robison worked together in the Team Roping competition while Cameron teamed with Devenport.  In the first Jan. 16 go-round, Cameron  and Devenport had a time of 12.785 seconds to place second behind the 9.830-second performance of Nunez and Garrett Seick while Aleigha  and Robison placed fifth at 15.040 seconds.  Jordan Warrack and Van Aken won the second go-round with a run of 7.445 seconds, but Aleigha Elston and Robison roped their steer in 9.635 seconds to earn second place. Although Madison Anderson and Kiki Corona won the Jan. 16 average with a time of 24.070 seconds, Aleigha  and Robison were second in the average at 24.675 seconds.



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