Secrets to a lasting love

[NPI Float="left"]/Media/0/jpg/2010/2/9a79a6ba-c95e-c833-7a137d0d407094d3.jpg[/NPI]   “Be friends,” Jackie Feederle, married for more than half a century, said with certainty. “You need to be friends and always talk things over.”

   Jackie and Ron Feederle of Ramona have been married for 55 years, but, for both, it seems like only yesterday. They agree communication and friendship are key. “That and you don’t bring your work home with you,”  said Ron.

   When asked how they met, Jackie giggled. 

   “We met in the fourth grade at St. Rose of Lima Parish School in Maywood,” said Ron. “You have a group that you associate with throughout school. We were friends for many years.  When we graduated the eighth grade, I went to the boys school and she went to the girls school, but we still saw each other every day on the way to school, in church and so on. We kept in touch.”

   Ron joined the Navy at 19 and was off to the Korean War. 

   “Jackie was working at MGM Studios, answering fan mail,” he said. “I told the guys on the ship I knew a girl who knew the stars. Of course they didn’t believe me, but I wrote to Jackie and she sent me some autographed pictures I passed around to the guys. By the time I left the ship, (the rumor was) I was ‘the guy who could get you a date with a movie star!’”

   When Ron returned from Korea after the war, his grandfather died, so he was granted emergency leave. He invited Jackie to the wake. 

   “It was a dark night and a long drive to the house,” said Jackie. “It was Dec, 8, 1953, part way to the house. All of a sudden he just pulled the car over. I thought it was strange, because there wasn’t anything wrong with the car.  We were on the way to his folks’ house when he just pulled the car over and proposed—right there between the golf course and the cemetery.”

   “I had already told my brother I was going to propose, so I had to pick a spot,” explained Feederle. “It was dark and isolated, so I thought this was the opportune spot so we could sit for a minute. I didn’t plan to be next to the cemetery. That was just how it worked out!”

   The couple had a fairly large wedding in August of  1954 and settled in West Covina County near Los Angeles. After a couple more years in the Navy, Feederle got out and began working (for the next 31 years) as a sheriff in Los Angeles County. 

   “I always kept busy with the three kids and focused on their care without dwelling on his work as a sheriff, but, when he came home, he has always been there for me, helping with the children, changing diapers, giving baths and even helping with the housework,” said Jackie.

   “I always enjoyed coming home—the cooking, the stuff to pick up and helping with the kids—it was such a transition,” said Ron. 



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