Students get ready for first day of school

   As students gear up for another year at school, parents are getting the little—and not so little—darlin’s ready.

   Classes throughout the Ramona Unified School District (RUSD) begin on Monday, Aug. 31, but getting ready for the transition requires time. Registration packets need to be completed, tryouts for team sports are held, and band camp has prepped the “newbies” to the drill teams.  

   From nervous freshmen to excited seniors, feelings are mixed as kids and young adults try to get ready for that first bell that will signal the beginning of the 2009-10 school year.

   Brenda Carll, excited for daughter Morgan, says “she has always done very well in the RUSD school system.” Seeking advice from senior upperclassman and brother Kevin,  Morgan, whose favorite subject is English, is a bit leery of P.E. year.  

   “It seems more vigorous here,” explained Morgan, “but I am really looking forward to meeting new friends here.”

   Senior Ricky Martinez, whose favorite subject is civics/social science, is looking forward to a final year at Ramona High School (RHS).  

   “It’s my last year, before moving onto Palomar or Grossmont for a degree in forestry,” he said.

Twin brother Daniel is looking forward to the team spirit on campus.  “It’s exciting, hanging out with friends, the games— it’s a good time,” he said.

   Josh Montanez, also a senior, said he loves history and plans to major in political science at a four-year university.  Montanez has a unique viewpoint of the entire returning to school process.  

   “It’s kind of like a new pair of underwear,” he said. “I’m kind of excited—but uncomfortable. Ya gotta break ‘em in.”  

   Speaking of underwear, as the seniors revel in the knowledge that it is their final year of school before heading onto bigger and better things to conquer the world, let’s not forget the crazed shopping for school supplies and clothing.

   As fall fashion trends on New York runways begin to trickle down to regional stores, a visit back to the eighties seems to be the coming style. Uh-oh.  Does anyone remember the inner-wear-as-outer-wear of that era?  Think early Madonna and the Bangles to get an idea of what is headed this way.

   Black is the color for fall 2009, and that may be great for the family budget. Charcoals, grays and navy blues have returned to the scene (is black ever really out?), which means a little box of dye from a Ramona store can transform some favorite closet pieces within minutes and save a savvy shopper some “green” by going black.  

   Gone are the two-sizes-too-large pants that droop to the thighs (oh, a parent can only hope!), but back are the fingerless gloves, lacy leggings, big buttons, wide belts and peep-toe platform pumps. Get ready for the pouf shoulder party mini-dresses and wild prints headed to the nearest store.  Well—maybe not the nearest.  

   Though one may not find any of the trendy hip-high “bondage boots” at the Ramona Kmart, runway looks can be found for less just the same.  Layers upon layers of varied gray and black have come back.



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