Football championship observations, suggestions

The CIF football championship quadruple-header at Qualcomm Stadium is a great day for all concerned and especially for high school football in general. However, I have a few observations, suggestions and rhetorical questions.

When the Chargers are out of town, why play the games on a Friday?

High school students who want to attend have to miss class, not just the students of the schools that are involved in the quadruple header, but all high school students. Working adults have to miss work or take a sick or vacation day.

Too many high school football fans can’t go to all of the games. The rent would be the same for the stadium, and more people could and probably would attend the games.

Why not play a doubleheader on Friday and a triple-header on Saturday? The Friday games could be late afternoon and a night game. That way high school football fans could see the games without playing hooky from work or school.

The Saturday triple-header would mean that all four divisions could play their championship game at Qualcomm. It may cost more to rent the stadium, and the Chargers have been so generous that it might be too much to ask.

Saturday games might be a programming problem for Channel 4. Channel 4 no longer broadcasts the high school games live during the regular season. I hope they continue to do the delayed showings.

San Diego is doing a great job of media coverage of high school football. Hopefully, that coverage will continue and maybe even get better. XX Radio, KUSI and Channel 4 all do great jobs. The San Diego County daily papers are also doing a great job of covering all high school sports. Not just in print, but on the Internet. ran an article titled Miles Apart about two student/athletes from La Costa Canyon High School and Oceanside High School. The article got mixed reviews. Some thought that it portrayed the community of Oceanside in a poor light.

Oceanside High School and La Costa Canyon High School are 15 miles apart. The article pointed out the demographic, socioeconomic and cultural differences between the two schools. There are many and they are real. Let us look at the similarities.

The CIF quadruple-header featured eight schools. In some cases the games could have been billed as games between the haves and the have-nots. That would be an oversimplification, to say the least.

Division IV: Valley Center High School 31, Madison High School 20.  

Valley Center is a suburban school. Madison is urban. The demographics of the two schools were not a factor in the game. Both schools were well coached and played hard.

Madison’s Robbie Rouse is the epitome of the term student/athlete. He ran for 251 yards and scored three touchdowns. Football might be the worst thing that he does. He is a great citizen and an A student. He does not come from a wealthy family, but he may be attending Stanford.

Tyler Bernard and James Johnson from Valley Center are also class acts. Bernard will attend Arizona State on a baseball scholarship next fall. Johnson will get to pick his college.



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