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Timeout with Tambo: CIF’s playoff format


Last week I endeavored to explain the new San Diego Section CIF divisional playoff format. It is based on strength in sport and a weighed ranking system. The purpose of the new formula is to ensure that the playoffs are fair for the sake of competition.

The idea is a good idea; maybe a great idea. The system is fair and has been done on the college and professional levels for a long time. In collegiate sports, Division I

Timeout with Tambo: CIF comes up with new formula for sports divisions


Enrollment is not a factor when comparing public schools to private schools. Enrollment is not a factor when comparing regular public schools to charter schools or schools with an “academy” in their district.

Private schools, charter schools, and schools with academies in their districts are not limited to students living in their enrollment areas. Private schools do not have enrollment areas. Schools with open enrollment don’t either.

Timeout with Tambo: No story? Create a controversy


There are definitely times when I get writers block, especially when I sit down to write a TimeOut. However, the national and international media has recently taught me a trick that I will endeavor to use in the future.

When there is no story, when there is no controversy, when there is nothing about which to write, I will make up a story or a controversy or both. That is what the big boys do on television and radio and then Sports Illustrated picks it up and a story/controversy is born.

Timeout with Tambo: Winter sports overview


The winter sports season is divided into two parts in the regular season. The first is the non-league and tournament part of the schedule, which runs through the Winter Break. There are different kinds of tournaments and different ways to schedule pre-league games.

First, let’s look at the tournaments. The late University of Southern California football coach, John McKay, said it best when he was the athletic director of the Trojans: “A basketball coach invites three teams he knows he can beat and calls it a classic.”

Timeout with Tambo: Remembering Jack Menotti—an original


When Jack Menotti came to Ramona High School in 1978, he had enjoyed nothing but success. He had been All CIF linebacker/center at Santa Monica High School. That was when the Southern Section stretched from San Diego to Santa Barbara. He played college football at Loyola. He was a world class beach volleyball player. He served honorably in the Army during the Cold War and returned from Europe and earned his Bachelor’s

Sports, a microcosm of our society


Everybody loves a “feel good” story, especially this time of year.

Everybody wants to be a winner. Everybody wants their child to get good grades.

Literature is full of feel good stories, from fairy tales to great literature, Cinderella to the Prince and the Pauper. The king who lost his crown at birth, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we are all familiar with those stories.

Timeout with Tambo: Grappling with political correctness in the New Year


If this week’s sports section seems a little light it is because wrestling and boys and girls basketball didn’t have any contests before this week’s deadline.

I will not try to fill up the vacant space left by the early deadline by writing a huge article. Is that applause I hear?

Free gifts this Holiday Season


It is the Holiday Season (politically correct for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and other holidays that I am not aware of but will undoubtedly hear about in the Letters to the Editor) and I would like to give out some gifts that won’t cost me any money.

During this season I am often referred to as a Scrooge or a Grinch. Compared to me, Ebenezer and the Green Meany are nice guys.

Timeout with Tambo: Coach Van Zant sets record straight on Bulldogs’ 1973 CIF game


Not many people who were associated with the Ramona High School team that played for the 1973 CIF football championship could be contacted about that game, but one very important person who still lives in Ramona was available.

Head coach and athletic director Jerry Van Zant has a house in Ramona and in Texas, and just returned from the Lone Star State. I got in touch with him to set the record straight and to talk Ramona football.

Timeout with Tambo: Fair competition equals success for Bulldogs


The fall sports season has been good to and good for Ramona High School. With all sports returning to the Valley League, except football, once again every Bulldog team had a chance to compete. Competition is what sports and athletics are all about.

Every fall sports team entered the season knowing that they had a chance to compete in the Valley League and compete they did.