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Trimming trees for better reception


Last week I checked the sports’ page recently to see what college and high school football games were on the tube. The UT listed 35 games on Saturday but my satellite system had well over 50 choices. I also noted more high school football games than professional games.

TimeOut with Tambo


Gone fishing signs are often seen on several establishments in Ramona this time of the year. The last part of my two-week vacation should be entitled “Gone Wishing” because when I throw a line in the water that is all that I am doing — WISHING!

I spent a week in the Eastern Sierras camping in the June Lake Loop at Grant Lake. Grant is the biggest of the four lakes in the June Lake Loop and the farthest from restaurants, watering holes and the town of

Ramona needs summer recreation

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When I would take teams on the road in the good ‘ole days, opponents would wonder and ask, “What do kids in Ramona do?” Most were under the impression that electricity and running water had yet to find its way to the Valley of the Sun.

At a given signal, a member of the Bulldog team would ask where the nearest bathroom was. When told, the Ramonan would use his/her best hick accent and ask rhetorically, “It’s in the house?!!”

Timeout with Tambo


My dad took me to the Forum in Inglewood to see a Lakers Game for one of my birthday presents when I was in high school. I don’t remember which birthday it was because I had 10 or 11 birthdays during my high school days.

As it turned out, the Lakers were out of town and the Los Angeles Kings were playing in the House That Jack Built.

Timeout with Tambo: Saying good-bye to a coach who will be missed


It is easy to say good luck but difficult say goodbye. Thus is the case with Doug Failla.

Doug tendered his resignation as boys and girls tennis coach at Ramona High School. Actually that should be as gentlemen’s and ladies’ tennis coach because that is how his teams played and that is how Doug coaches and plays.

Timeout with Tambo: What if?


We already know what the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) thinks about our student/athletes at Mountain Valley Academy. We may soon see what the Ramona Unified School District thinks about all of the student/athletes in our district.

There are no sure things when dealing with politicians or administrations. I have been asked to speculate what would happen to the athletes, teams,

Timeout with Tambo: This athletic event offers refreshing change


Seventy-three student athletes from Ramona’s elementary, middle, and high schools competed with the help of over 30 peer tutors, volunteers, professional aides, and teachers. Awards were given. Medals were earned. Shirts were given. But more importantly thousands of hugs, high fives, and words of encouragement were given.

Timeout with Tambo: Track teams up with FUSION for FUNdraiser


Just being able to coach a sport is not the only requisite that high school coaches have to have, especially head coaches.

Along with organizing practices, teaching fundamentals, forming game plans, scouting, dealing with the press and public relations, coaches must be fundraisers.

Timeout with Tambo


In a world more concerned with being politically correct than being right, some high school sports have sold out and some still are doing things the way they are supposed to be done.

The whole idea of ratings and power rankings and strength of schedule is making me sick. The new system, which basically says that you have been

Timeout with Tambo: Braving the elements


It is cold, rainy and windy with a chill factor that would make a North Dakotan proud. Therefore, baseball and softball season must be just around the corner.

It never fails. One doesn’t need Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard Almanac to predict foul weather for the beginning of spring sports.

Most of the winter sports are indoors. Athletes in the two winter sports that are not or not always indoors should be given some kind of a medal or at least a blanket or