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Letter to editor: Troubles about lack of U.S. flags on Main Street

Thought I would write about an item that has been troubling me for the past few years. I have been a member of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee for several years now and I recall a few years back with the support and special pricing of Ransom Bros. Hardware, our committee was able to walk up and down Main Street offering the discounted U.S. flag kits and we had our tools with us and even installed them on the spot for the merchants who wished. We probably installed some 15 flag kits

Letter to editor: Water rates should go down with natural gas

Natural gas will soon be used to power the pump that delivers water to Ramona from the Poway pump station.

No longer will Ramona residents be at the mercy of SDGE electric outages that close Ramona whenever there is a wildfire.

This $2 million project comes at NO expense to the ratepayers, and natural gas pumps cost less to operate.

Teed-off TEA’d: Where’s the coverage?

I don’t understand why the Sentinel does not report the activities of the Ramona TEA’d at the forum other than the advance notice of the monthly meeting submitted by Ramona TEA’d. It is not necessary to be a supporter of the tea party to report news.

Letters to editor: Mounted patrol, equal greeting, more

Appreciates mounted patrol It is a real pleasure to see the Mounted Patrol in the Kmart parking lot during the holiday season. The presence of the Mounted Patrol brings some piece of mind with their presence. Not only is it reassuring to know that another set of eyes is watching the parking lot and other [...]

Letter to the editor: Freedom of speech, one of our greatest freedoms

I consider myself to be a “Ramona old-timer,” as you say, and I am offended that you would insinuate that any of us in this wonderful town would be “fooled to think we are all illiterate rednecks from 50 years ago,” when most of us here in Ramona are very much aware of the current state of politics in America.

Letter to editor: Trailhead hosts appreciate warm reception

We would like to give out a big THANK YOU to the local community for the warm, caring reception, and outpouring of gratitude we have received since arriving here in Ramona to be the Cleveland National Forest’s Cedar Creek Trailhead hosts on Thornbush Road.

Letters to the editor

The town of Ramona is tired of becoming a dumping ground for solar projects.

We understand you need to build these, but why in residential and ag areas? There is PLENTY of flat land that is out of the line of sight of our residents. Build them there.

Letters to the editor

I hope this letter moves someone in Ramona, in the way it did to me, to help Ian find a home for the dogs he loves so much. If you have room in your heart this Christmas and room in your home, helping Ian will truly be a gift you will never regret.

Letter to editor: Hawk Watch to continue

Over two decades ago, I started the now world famous Ramona Hawk Watch. This because I wanted to preserve grasslands that birds of prey inhabit, which otherwise would have been destroyed for housing.

After seven years of escorting the public to “extreme bird watching,” the program was adopted by the Wildlife Research Institute, which operated the program for the next two decades. They were successful in saving the Ramona Grasslands Preserve.

Letters to the Editor

SDG&E electricity customers have probably read or heard that the utility has been granted an 11 percent rate increase by the PUC effective Sept. 1, 2013. What they may not know is that not all ratepayers are affected equally.

Instead of applying the 11 percent “across the board,” SDG&E is allowed or mandated to distribute the rate increases according to how much electricity a customer uses. The chart on SDG&E’s website at shows the rate increases for various levels of consumption based on $ per month on a customer’s bill as well as kilowatt hours per month consumption.