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Letter to editor: Epic All Class Reunion at Back of the Ranch

The Ramona High School Class of ‘83 would like to thank Ernie and Sherri of Back of the Ranch for hosting the RHS All Class Reunion. Everyone had a wonderful time. It was great to connect with all the graduates of RHS. Also we’d like to thank the neighbors and neighborhood around “Back of the [...]

Time to reward hardworking youth

The best thing that happened to Ramona Junior Fair was shifting the livestock portion away from the country fair. It gives the public more time to enjoy each.
This week is crucial to our 4-H and FFA youth. They’ve invested time, money and a great deal of planning and work into preparing their animals for the livestock auction on Saturday. Now it’s our turn.
With help and guidance from their adult leaders, they’ve set the stage and prepared quite a show for us. Let’s acknowledge them by rewarding them with generous bids.

Contests add to Ramona Country Fair

Those who missed the pie-eating contest at the country fair Sunday afternoon lost an opportunity to witness eight of their neighbors dive into lemon meringue pies — head first, no hands — with spirit, energy and anticipation of being the first to down “the whole thing.” Family, friends and onlookers gathered ‘round the contest table to cheer on the entrants, shoot video and take photos.
It was one of the highlights of a weekend of highlights presented by Ramona Chamber of Commerce assisted by a string of sponsors, volunteers and community boosters. While some have criticized what they call the unsavory element that sometimes shows up at a carnival once the sun sets, that wasn’t what we saw as we strolled through the carnival portion of the fair and saw children having fun under the watchful eyes of parents and other adults, and pre-teens and teens seemingly inconspicuous as they checked out who else was there.
Many Ramona young people look forward to the fair each summer. For teens, it’s a place to go to be seen, to connect with classmates they may not have seen since June, to have fun, to be kids. For families, it’s a place to enjoy family time, to create memories. For young children, it’s discovering cotton candy, carnival rides, trinkets and whatever else catches their eye.
We’re thankful Ramona still has a country fair. As long as the community refuses to surrender a good thing to a few trouble-seekers who may show up now and then, this family tradition will have a place here.

Letter to editor: Avoiding Detroit’s mistakes

Detroit is the mattress bearing the stain left behind from the steamy amalgam which oozed during the incestuous drunken orgy with big business, labor and government.

Detroit, however, is not alone. Many cities in the U.S. are currently engaged in such orgies, though blinded by their own lustful addiction to bonds, taxes, regulations, and corporate cronyism taking place which will lead to predictably similar stains, smells and debts.

Letter to editor: How do you think we can save our schools?

Can the Ramona Unified School District (RUSD) be saved? Are we destined for a state takeover of the RUSD? Can our children count on a comprehensive education in the years to come? Will we be forced to surrender local control of our school district or are we destined for a state takeover?

Letter to editor: Ramona Junior Fair Barbecue & Pie Auction an epic event

First off, I would like to give kudos to the team that put on the Junior Fair Barbecue & Pie Auction. The Steering Committee Kids were FABULOUS and the extra efforts made by the many volunteers who pulled together to make this year’s BBQ & Pie Auction an epic event. Thank you!

Letter to editor: Bubbles benefit Soap Project

“Bubbles..Bubbles!” Toddlers, beauty queens, retired teachers, and others came to play and dance in streams of bubbles from our bubble machine. Many came to look at one of the hundred Vandalproof soap dispensers to be installed in student bathrooms throughout Ramon Unified School District.

Letter to the editor: 4-H’ers work hard with their animals

Washing! Washing is one of the many duties performed by 4-H’ers to get ready for the fair.

Other responsibilities include clipping, feeding, cleaning out pens, exercising, practicing, showing, and loving.

We 4-H’ers work very hard and put a great deal of time and effort into our animals, even the ones we only have for a couple months.

Ramona Parents Coalition raises the bar

Six Ramona moms raised the bar of parent participation in schools this year, and we’re delighted they’re staying in the public arena. Their unbiased Fact or Fiction presentation, their Facebook page, and their commitment to have at least one member at each school board meeting are welcome additions to the school district.

Letter to the editor

Citizens for a Rural Ramona are fighting the good fight I just finished reading the article about the solar farm in Ramona on Warnock. It was in The Reader and pictured the Myers in pig T-shirts with the title “You cannot pet a solar farm.” The folks at CFARR (Citizens for a Rural Ramona) have [...]