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Letter to editor: Shocked at ho-hum response to report of mountain lion near school

I was shocked at the response to the mountain lion sighting as it appeared in a letter in the Sept. 26 issue of the Sentinel. The ho-hum attitude from the local sheriff’s department is about what I would expect based upon my own experience about a year ago, but at the very least, considering that the mountain lion can be a lethal threat to adults and especially children, the call from Mr. Strahan deserved a visit to the location by a deputy. And the person who answered the phone at the sheriff’s office does not even know the proper place to refer the call?

Letter to editor: Begging for answers

Last week Bernard Kuhn jumped all over me for using 1,200 words in an attempt to explain the 2,700-page Affordable Health Care Act (aka Obamacare). He was so aggravated over my “long lecture on the U.S. Constitution to support my negative view of Obamacare,” he suggested that my opinions concerning this program should be censored [...]

There’s a new tone at Ramona school board meetings

When Jim Robinson was on the water board, he had a reputation for pulling financial reports off the consent calendar so he could ask questions about specific expenditures. It didn’t take long, the questions were straightforward, and the public appreciated an elected official who had taken the time to scour through the financial pages and who asked public questions at a public meeting. He was one of us, elected by us to represent us.

Letter to editor: Over the top with lengthy objections

We just read another letter to the editor from Darrell Beck in the Sentinel of Sept. 12 that ran on to over 1,200 words. Darrell is a friend of mine, a good community man and a good writer, but I don’t know why the Sentinel gives him so much space rather than trying to achieve a balance of viewoints.

Darrell has gone over the top this time, using a long lecture on the U.S. Constitution and heavy reference to his own lifetime of study and acquired wisdom (?) to support his negative view of “Obamacare.” He does not mention that Obamacare was introduced by our own present federal government that was elected and installed by the majority of citizen voters under the rules of the U.S. Constitution that he praises so highly.

The government cannot please all the people, all of the time. I opposed the Iraq war, but our majority-elected Congress gave President Bush the power to wage that war, and didn’t ask me. When Social Security was started in 1935, undoubtedly there were many people w

Letters to the editor

Who’s been arrested in Ramona?

The Sentinel has been encouraging a public to debate whether or not the names of those arrested should be published. On June 7, 2013, the Sentinel posted an article about JC Playford being arrested for delaying and obstructing an officer at a May 25 traffic accident.

Arrests are light at end of tunnel

A regional crime report showing Ramona had the most dramatic drop in crime in the county the first half of this year came two days after the arrest of 65 people in Ramona and Poway. Ironic, but good news on both days.

We laud the nearly year-long investigation of the law enforcement agencies that led to the 65 arrests on Sept. 10. Most Ramonans are sick and tired of the drug abuse here and the thefts, vandalism and other crimes linked to that abuse.

It’s up to us

As the community reels from two fatalities in separate accidents on San Vicente Road within one week, opinions vary whether the county’s planned road straightening and widening project to improve safety on that road will make a difference. Most agree they will, but the project — no matter how good — will not prevent future accidents. That’s up to us.

Letter to editor: Experience matters on the road

I am saddened by the death of a talented young woman in a collision on San Vicente Road on Aug. 22. It was, as they say, a single-car accident. Speed and inexperience were the cause.

As a CHP officer told me when I was her age, “Until you’ve driven at least 50,000 miles, you’re not an experienced driver.” And, if such driving is always under near-ideal conditions, we’re still not experienced.

Letter to editor: Don’t let Obama bomb Syria

The president seems dead set on punishing Mr. Bashir al-Assad and has chosen the use of chemical weapons as his justification. Murder is awful, but it doesn’t mean that my tax dollars should pay for U. S. military strikes in a foreign country.

Who do we think that we are? Contrary to Mr. Obama’s belief, the quality of life and well-being of Israel is NOT his poker chip. Bombing of strategic locations in Syria does not impact Mr. Bashir al-Assad. It simply destroys assets belonging to the Syrian people and gives justification for other foreign sympathizers to react.

In response to ‘Voices warning of tyranny’

Mr. Beck seems to know a lot about tyranny, doesn’t he? Perhaps he could look at himself and a couple of other Ramona Municipal Water District directors for a definition of  “tyrannical.” There are three directors who appear to be “stay at home Ramona residents” who do not have to be working men/women whose jobs [...]