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Teed-off TEA’d: Where’s the coverage?

I don’t understand why the Sentinel does not report the activities of the Ramona TEA’d at the forum other than the advance notice of the monthly meeting submitted by Ramona TEA’d. It is not necessary to be a supporter of the tea party to report news.

Letters to the editor: Sign of respect, cutting choir, Estates election, fulfilling a dream

I am a Ramona High School alumnus and I am shocked at the school board’s decision to cut the choir program.

The RHS choir program was a huge inspiration in my life and has led me to where I am today. I am currently singing with the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music choirs, and I have recently returned from singing abroad in Russia with the St. Petersburg State University Choir.

Letter to editor: Why I will not vote for a school bond

On Thursday, March 13, the Ramona school board decided that the education of my children was not their top priority. Given a choice they decided to cut a core teacher from our school teaching staff instead of cutting a luxury resource — a resource that is not required by state law to be in any California school, a resource that currently is dedicated to our school program, a resource that the teachers and parents agreed should be sacrificed given the hard choice forced on us by budget cutting.

Letter to editor: Make sure your help goes where it’s needed

I read the Sentinel every week. Back in 2012 when the school board was trying to float the last bond issue I read a guest commentary, submitted by our esteemed school board leader, outlining the dire need for passage of the bond. Listed as a top priority was replacing the aging administration facility. (Read his office facility).

I live in Ramona, I know the administration building is old, but so are most of our schools, with the exception of our newest elementary school, which was more expensive due to the fact we had to seize the land through eminent domain. Now we’re all reading about low attendance and surplus land. Clearly the management of our schools has been a lesson in what not to do.

Letter: Support Jacob’s efforts for power competition

The Tribune reported on the latest San Diego Gas & Electric plans to extort more money from our already overly-gouged citizenry.

The new “plan” is not only to add a minimum “service fee” to every meter holder, but to reduce the current four-tier rate system to a two-tier system, of course both tiers higher than we now suffer.

Bond contract worth a second look

Ramona school trustees will meet soon to take another look at a proposed contract with the firm that will work on a campaign for voter approval of a bond, likely in November.

We applaud the school board for responding to member Bob Stoody’s concerns about what a contract might mean after the election.

Community newspaper celebrates 128 years

Ramona Sentinel starts its 128th year as the community’s newspaper with this issue and, starting with the first issue in March, it will have a new look. When the Sentinel changed hands in November, the most common question was: What does this mean for our community newspaper? Other than a stronger resource base, there’s been [...]

Critical decisions are being made — what’s our responsibility?

Some of the conversation at the school district workshop on Saturday targeted communications. Here’s part of what was said: Not everyone reads the local newspaper, not everyone reads online reports, not everyone goes to school board meetings, not everyone checks the district website, not everyone checks Facebook, not everyone — fill in the blanks.

Letters to editor: Mounted patrol, equal greeting, more

Appreciates mounted patrol It is a real pleasure to see the Mounted Patrol in the Kmart parking lot during the holiday season. The presence of the Mounted Patrol brings some piece of mind with their presence. Not only is it reassuring to know that another set of eyes is watching the parking lot and other [...]

Helping others is not just for the holidays

It always seems that the further we get into the December holiday season, the larger our hearts grow.
In recent weeks countless volunteer groups, churches, schools, families and individuals have stepped up to help the less fortunate in our community. Some have purchased toys for low- and moderate-income children. Others have provided donations of cash and gift cards for families for whom the holidays would otherwise mean only disappointment (there are more of them than we realize.)
Our growing senior population is remembered and celebrated with special programs, meals and related activities. And the homeless are viewed with a kinder eye.
While all of the holiday donations are sincerely appreciated, a question lingering in the minds of many recipients, and those who look after them, is “What about next month?”
Hunger returns every day.
Rent is due every month.
Children outgrow their clothes and shoes.
Blankets wear out.
Yet the holiday contribution barrels and the little red kettles are being put away in storage till next year. The media will move on to other topics.
Helping people in need is a basic tenet of being a compassionate human being. We give when we’re asked to, when we’re reminded of the need. But what about when we’re not?
Let us all remember that every day is an opportunity to help others in any way we can, and not just during the holiday season.