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Letter to editor: Bubbles benefit Soap Project

“Bubbles..Bubbles!” Toddlers, beauty queens, retired teachers, and others came to play and dance in streams of bubbles from our bubble machine. Many came to look at one of the hundred Vandalproof soap dispensers to be installed in student bathrooms throughout Ramon Unified School District.

Letter to the editor: 4-H’ers work hard with their animals

Washing! Washing is one of the many duties performed by 4-H’ers to get ready for the fair.

Other responsibilities include clipping, feeding, cleaning out pens, exercising, practicing, showing, and loving.

We 4-H’ers work very hard and put a great deal of time and effort into our animals, even the ones we only have for a couple months.

Letter to the editor

Citizens for a Rural Ramona are fighting the good fight I just finished reading the article about the solar farm in Ramona on Warnock. It was in The Reader and pictured the Myers in pig T-shirts with the title “You cannot pet a solar farm.” The folks at CFARR (Citizens for a Rural Ramona) have [...]

Letters to the Editor

You won’t see us at half-time on the football field or advertising for music and dance concerts. The visual arts are the quiet arts. In addition to the responsibilities of teaching, an art teacher must creatively stretch supplies and keep them from growing legs and filtering out of the classroom.

Letters to the Editor

We’ve just celebrated another great Memorial Day in Ramona. It began with the well-attended VFW-sponsored Memorial Day Program at the Nuevo cemetery where more than 500 flags marked graces of the veterans there.

The program was to honor all veterans and especially those who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedom we

Letter to editor

The question becomes how do we bridge that achievement gap? There seems to be some schools, teachers and principals throughout the land that do bridge the gap better than others. Ah! Here-in lies the rub — outstanding bright teachers who have teaching in their DNA.

Letters to the Editor

The 6th Annual Music Fest was a huge success in no small part to the volunteers and club members who worked so hard to put it on. To each and every one of them, I thank you.

The wrestling team from Ramona High School, your labor to haul the tables and chairs from the trailers to each of

Letters to the editor

Planned funding cuts to California’s nearly 100 hospital-based skilled-nursing facilities, including Palomar Health, will leave many patients and their families without the critical long-term and short-term rehabilitative care they need.

Drastic budget cuts will force facilities to reduce services and staffing, turn away new patients, and close. Communities served by these facilities would be harmed beyond repair.

Concerned parent will keep children home if teachers strike

This was sent to the Ramona Unified School District Board members and superintendent.

I am a parent with children in specialized academic programs at Barnett Elementary School and James Dukes Elementary School. I have been observing the proceedings between the Ramona school board and Ramona Teachers Association. In the event of a strike by teachers, the increased

Letters to editor

The unsung heroes of Ramona are members of the Senior Volunteer Patrol.

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Dave Patterson, made a suggestion, since I am a senior living alone, that I contact the Senior Patrol. That was one of the best decisions that I ever made.