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Letters to the Editor

The 6th Annual Music Fest was a huge success in no small part to the volunteers and club members who worked so hard to put it on. To each and every one of them, I thank you.

The wrestling team from Ramona High School, your labor to haul the tables and chairs from the trailers to each of

Letters to the editor

Planned funding cuts to California’s nearly 100 hospital-based skilled-nursing facilities, including Palomar Health, will leave many patients and their families without the critical long-term and short-term rehabilitative care they need.

Drastic budget cuts will force facilities to reduce services and staffing, turn away new patients, and close. Communities served by these facilities would be harmed beyond repair.

Concerned parent will keep children home if teachers strike

This was sent to the Ramona Unified School District Board members and superintendent.

I am a parent with children in specialized academic programs at Barnett Elementary School and James Dukes Elementary School. I have been observing the proceedings between the Ramona school board and Ramona Teachers Association. In the event of a strike by teachers, the increased

Letters to editor

The unsung heroes of Ramona are members of the Senior Volunteer Patrol.

A few years ago, a friend of mine, Dave Patterson, made a suggestion, since I am a senior living alone, that I contact the Senior Patrol. That was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

Obamacare: When truth is just an opinion

On March 30, Dr. Wayne Iverson, a San Diego physician, tea party leader and member of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) who strongly oppose the Democrats’ so-called “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act” (aka Obamacare), presented an informational program at Ramona Mainstage to over 150 concerned citizens, revealing the sobering truth about Obamacare.

Letter to editor

I moved to Casner off the 78 six years ago. Access to SR-78 is a problem daily for me, traffic coming westbound. Drivers exceed the speed limit and have yelled, cussed and given me nice gestures more than once a week.

God help me if I’m with my husband in the stock trailer when we turn onto Casner if coming from Julian. I’ve seen motorcyclists hit other trailers that have made an attempt to turn on Casner.

Letters to the editor

I called a jean company and complained that my five pairs of jeans, all marked as the same size and style, were all different waist sizes. They could only tell me to take them to where I bought them and the store would give me another pair.

I went to Sears and they did indeed offer me a new pair, but they could not answer my question, why all the different waist sizes. Finally an experienced clerk came by and told me that it depended on what country they were made in. Same markings, different sizes. I checked and found that they were made in several different countries, none of them the United States.

Letters to the editor

I’ve been a resident of Ramona my entire life. My family began on Ash Street and has over the years taken different residences in the San Diego Country Estates.

I’ve loved every moment of growing up here, from exploring the back hills of the Tennis Villas (before they were Barona Mesa) to wandering the trails of Cedar Creek and Black Canyon. I met my husband in Black Canyon, and have since raised two of our own children here, alongside his family as well.

Letters to editor

FreeSTUFF or FreeDOM? Darrell Beck’s guest editorial was right on the mark, very well-written and unfortunately all too true. Indeed, he’s right. The federal “liberal” government appears to have built an unstoppable coalition of single-issue voters (gay rights, abortionists, illegal immigrants, and those who vote only “color”), plus the near majority of all those who [...]

Letters to the editor

No sooner had the last fires gone out and the smoke blown away after the Witch Creek Fire in 2007 than my wife and I got a call from our neighbor asking if we wanted to talk with other property owners about fire protection.

Unprecedented fires had devastated Ramona twice in four years. These weren’t 50-year or 100-year fires anymore. They could come any time.