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Letter to editor: Make sure your help goes where it’s needed

I read the Sentinel every week. Back in 2012 when the school board was trying to float the last bond issue I read a guest commentary, submitted by our esteemed school board leader, outlining the dire need for passage of the bond. Listed as a top priority was replacing the aging administration facility. (Read his office facility).

I live in Ramona, I know the administration building is old, but so are most of our schools, with the exception of our newest elementary school, which was more expensive due to the fact we had to seize the land through eminent domain. Now we’re all reading about low attendance and surplus land. Clearly the management of our schools has been a lesson in what not to do.

Letter: Support Jacob’s efforts for power competition

The Tribune reported on the latest San Diego Gas & Electric plans to extort more money from our already overly-gouged citizenry.

The new “plan” is not only to add a minimum “service fee” to every meter holder, but to reduce the current four-tier rate system to a two-tier system, of course both tiers higher than we now suffer.

Letters to editor: Mounted patrol, equal greeting, more

Appreciates mounted patrol It is a real pleasure to see the Mounted Patrol in the Kmart parking lot during the holiday season. The presence of the Mounted Patrol brings some piece of mind with their presence. Not only is it reassuring to know that another set of eyes is watching the parking lot and other [...]

Letters to the editor

I hope this letter moves someone in Ramona, in the way it did to me, to help Ian find a home for the dogs he loves so much. If you have room in your heart this Christmas and room in your home, helping Ian will truly be a gift you will never regret.

Letter to the editor: Invitation to a Boy Scout meeting

I am a 16-year-old Boy Scout in Ramona, writing to you about Troop 679. Our troop is growing and is planning several exciting activities and outings for 2014.

As the Senior Patrol leader, I invite the male youth of Ramona to visit one of our troop meetings. The next one is on Dec. 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Weiss House in Ramona Oaks Park (

Letters to the editor

Your blatant Tea Party letters section has crossed a major line. When you publish a letter urging people to “watch channel 37, Fox News” for the truth and not all the lies of other media sources, you’ve placed us firmly out of California and in Texas or (insert other red state here), and by doing so, has people fooled into thinking we’re all illiterate rednecks from 50 years ago.

Letter to editor: Keep donations in Ramona

The dire financial and manpower shortage at Ramona Senior Center and the food donation shortage at the Ramona Food and Clothes Closet made me think once again about the large red filled food barrels in the lobby of our local supermarkets.

I wanted to make sure that our residents know that all of the food that is placed in the red San Diego Food Bank barrels gets loaded on trucks and gets sent “down the hill.”

The San Diego Food Bank does not serve Ramona at all except for a small donation to help Ramona Food and Clothes Closet with its monthly food distribution.

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to encourage our Ramona citizens to help support the all-important life and property saving work of the Intermountain Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, which serves and protects the 125-square-mile area east of Ramona. It is an all-volunteer department that mans the Route 78 fire station on a 24/7 basis. Fundraising depends heavily on the financial support of all our residents, as the county only funds limited operational expenses.

Letters to the editor

A few weeks ago, I copied you on a letter I sent to Kristal Feilen asking why a concerned citizen was not able to comment on one of the items on your Revitalization Matrix list, the Ramona South Bypass. I have attended a number of your past meetings and spoke up on the destructive South Bypass plan and was told by you that the Revitalization Meeting was not a venue for public comments by concerned citizens.

Letters to the editor

A recent Sentinel article listed the levels of sponsorship for the Intermountain Volunteer Fire Department fundraising party, Nov. 16, in which various Old West characters denoted levels of support.

Unfortunately, Wyatt Earp, the famous and amazing “law dog” of that era, was next to lowest in tribute. Belle Starr, an “also-ran” in Western lore, gets top billing, and second place goes to Matt Dillon, a fictional lawman, likely modeled after Earp, who debuted in a radio drama in the post-war era.