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Letter to editor: Reasons to support Measure Q

I support Measure Q — Quality Schools for Ramona — because I care about our community. My husband and I moved here 36 years ago because we wanted to raise our family in a place with good, old-fashioned American values and traditions: neighbor helping neighbor, patriotic devotion, and a commitment to future generations.

Letter to editor: Borrowing to repay debt is risky business, poor management

Measure Q is full of double-talk. Let’s be honest. It’s not about quality education or students. It’s about a loan coming due and no money to pay it. Ramona Unified School District owes $25 million plus other obligations. The total is said to be $32 million.

Letter to editor: Acknowledge your resentments, try to forgive, and vote Yes on Q

I reckon that the men and women of the VFW in Ramona are not ignorant of the past mistakes of the RUSD governance team. I’m sure they are aware that some fellow Ramonans feel betrayed by the RUSD Board taking on this huge debt in spite of voters voting no a decade ago.

Letter to editor: All VFW members should have been polled on Q

Recently Doug Scholl had a letter published in the Ramona Sentinel which stated that our Ramona VFW Post supported the upcoming Proposition Q. I would like to let Doug Scholl know that not all VFW members support Prop Q. Why would one vote for higher property taxes?

Letter to editor: Troubles about lack of U.S. flags on Main Street

Thought I would write about an item that has been troubling me for the past few years. I have been a member of the Ramona Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Committee for several years now and I recall a few years back with the support and special pricing of Ransom Bros. Hardware, our committee was able to walk up and down Main Street offering the discounted U.S. flag kits and we had our tools with us and even installed them on the spot for the merchants who wished. We probably installed some 15 flag kits

Letters to editor

The debate over the pending school bond has included some bizarre and misleading ideas: that the bond is an implied left-wing conspiracy to perpetuate big government, that the school district is sitting on a pile of money, that the bond is undemocratic, that we were mismanaged into this crisis and shouldn’t reward that behavior.

Letter: Accolades to road project manager and crew

Accolades to Michael Long, San Vicente Road project manager, and his crew for being so sympathetic towards Ramona residents. He has agreed to preserve “Cedar Dog” and has asked that residents remove their memorials before the work is started.

What a wonderful, caring thing to do.

Letters to editor: Publicity turns gem into tourist trap; good news for Ramona Tea’d

As a long-time resident of Ramona, I’ve spent countless hours hiking, biking, and enjoying our backcountry gems, Mount Woodson in particular. In the past 15 years I’ve logged over 2,000 trips to the top on my mountain bike and have spent several hours erasing graffiti from the rocks, not to mention occasionally collecting trash that others leave behind.

In short, I have an emotional investment in preserving the natural beauty of Mount Woodson.

Letters to editor: Newspaper coverage, road extension, school trustee and budget, more….

Appreciates coverage and Mainstage Regarding Ms. Watzek’s letter condemning the Sentinel and her comments about the attendance at the Arpaio event in Ramona Mainstage Theatre: I have been to several of the Tea Party forums there and at every one of them, all the seats were filled. I have yet to attend the midget wrestling, [...]

Letters to the editor: November election, Cedar Creek, school district, community news

The current Ramona Municipal Water District Board of Directors has been one of the most dysfunctional boards in the water district’s history. That says a lot for a district with a long history of dysfunctional boards.

It’s time for Ramona citizens and voters to do something to fix the situation.