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Letter to editor: In lieu of Q

Let’s come together, Ramona, and bury the hatchet. We need to help out our public schools, especially with budget cuts that will be necessary to pay off the C.O.P. (2004 certificate of participation construction loan).

Being in the black for the first time in several years does not mean that Ramona Unified School District can maintain this next year or the year after that.

Letter to editor: Community helps send students to camp

Ramona Elementary held a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 14. It was a very successful event and we raised $2,900 to support our students in their efforts to attend Cuyamaca Outdoor School, also known as sixth-grade camp.

This five-day camp gives our students an opportunity to learn science concepts with hands-on activities, nourishes an appreciation of nature, and provides students an opportunity to explore their independence in a safe, educational, and fun environment. It costs $310 for each student to attend and they work hard all year to raise the money to participate.

Letter to editor: Congratulations to Ramona High’s FFA team

I enjoyed reading about the FFA youth judging team that went to the Arabian National show in Tulsa.

I wish I had known that they were going to be there, since I was in Tulsa also competing at the show. I would have liked to have congratulated them on their accomplishment!

It was a very nice article.

Time for positive action

The defeat of the school bond in this month’s election triggered a range of reactions, some of it angry and directed at personalities. While emotional reactions are understandable, personal attacks are a waste of time that only serve to polarize.

It’s time for positive action. Two Ramonans shared their ideas in Sentinel commentaries last week. One had supported the bond and one had opposed it. Both had good after-election suggestions.

Letter to editor: Thanks to many for Art & Wine Festival success

Ramona celebrated its second very successful Art & Wine Festival at the Amy Strong Castle at Mt. Woodson on Nov. 1. The much needed rains stopped just as the event was being set up, and held off, allowing the 326 in attendance to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Twenty artists, 12 wineries and seven chefs exhibited the fruits of their labors as well as several vendors serving olive oil, jewelry and coffee. The live auction of wine barrels painted by local artists, conducted by Tim Georgeson of TNT Auctions, netted record breaking sales of the mini masterpieces. Classical musicians played inside and outside the

Letter to editor: Stop the escalating cost of education

The escalating costs of education at all levels must stop.

The teachers union and school board members’ mantra is “Kids First.” Is that why California teachers are paid in the top three of our 50 states? I read in a Sentinel commentary that the Ramona Unified School District’s former superintendent, Peter Schiff, retired at $180,000 plus COLA. The highest paid retiree in the State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), William Habermehl, is paid over $339,000. In six or seven years, RUSD will be paying 19 percent of certificated salaries to try to keep CalSTRS solvent. RUSD’s cu

Letter to editor: No meaningful change, No on Q

Vote no on Measure Q. I have directly engaged the district powers and have not found the will necessary to make innovative and challenging changes needed to address declining enrollment and suspended economic growth.

I have poured over budgets, I have deciphered enrollment numbers, I have fought against teacher layoffs, and I have two kids excelling within Ramona Unified School District.

Letter to editor: Yes on Q for schools and children

I am Sonny Adams, an employee of Ramona school district for the past 10 years and a Lakeside resident. Even though I have never lived in Ramona myself, I have had family members living here for the past 40 years. I have a great-niece attending Ramona schools right now. So, even though I haven’t lived here, I have been a part of this community, and Ramona schools still affect my family.

Letter to editor: No on Q — a taxing situation

How to force seniors, fixed-income and low-income families to move out of Ramona. Adding school bond debt to our property taxes will force a lot of us to move.

My Social Security has only increased a few dollars each year, and interest on my savings is only one-half of a percent a year. Pass Q and a lot of us have a choice to make: Take the bond money out of our food budget or move out of state.

Letter to editor: Reasons to support Measure Q

I support Measure Q — Quality Schools for Ramona — because I care about our community. My husband and I moved here 36 years ago because we wanted to raise our family in a place with good, old-fashioned American values and traditions: neighbor helping neighbor, patriotic devotion, and a commitment to future generations.