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Schools are poised for a new beginning

With everyone anxious to put last year behind us, our local schools are preparing to open our doors for more than 5,700 students on Aug. 26. With union agreements already in place for the new year and a slightly improved state budget, parents and staff can look forward to a year where teaching and learning take center stage — just as it should be.

Guest Commentary: Start printing names of arrestees again

It is obvious, by your weekly crime reporting, that our little “country town” has been overrun by thieves, drug addicts and out-of-control juveniles.

Wake up, Ramona!

Being prepared: Key in any disaster

By CAL FIRE/RAMONA FIRE DEPARTMENT BATTALION CHIEF BURKE KREMENSKY On behalf of the Ramona Fire Department and Cal Fire, I wanted to thank all who participated in and attended the wildfire preparedness meeting Tuesday, July 16. There were many good questions and comments by all. I wanted to stress the most important topic, being prepared. [...]

What is Common Core?

Common Core is a relatively new educational system of standards that may eliminate local control over K-12 curriculum by “standardizing” public education and creating universal (one-size-fits-all) standards in public schools. Similar to “No Child Left Behind” from the Bush Administration, Common Core is being advanced through the Obama Administration’s “Race to the Top Assessment” program to standardize, and thus nationalize education in America.

Some views as a school trustee

One of my responsibilities as a school board member centers on my fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers.

My father in the family business would say, “take care of the nickels, son, and the dollars will take care of themselves.”

I do not believe my arguments on school board matters are seriously considered by my colleagues on the school board with a few minor exceptions. Some of my views follow:

Not one dime of ‘fire fee’ went to 7,055-acre fire

The state has begun mailing out the 2013 “fire fee” bills, and we can expect to see them in a few weeks. It may take awhile for pending legal arguments against the fee to be completed, and we can only hope the fee will be repealed and $77 million already collected will be returned.

In the meantime Supervisor Dianne Jacob points out that “not one dime of that fee went to help Cal Fire fight” the recent Chariot Fire that burned 7,055 acres. Although the fee cannot be used for any equipment

Just fix the pool

It’s pretty hard for me to be sympathetic for the guy down the street. He had a big debt load, new house and car, plus a huge balloon payment looming. His swimming pool had some cracks, broken ladders and failing pumps.

Because he thinks big, not prudently, he decided rather than fix the pool he would bulldoze the thing and build a huge aquatic center. In his mind there would always be plenty of money, so he was bewildered when he went bankrupt and lost everything.

Freedom—hard to get, but easy to lose

Will this be America’s last birthday?

America is the first country in history to be founded based on individual liberty. The principles of liberty are timeless. The concepts apply as much today just as they did over 200 years ago.

Review Road Priority Project list

As you are all aware, Caltrans has recently distributed the Caltrans Project Development Team Report (Draft) for improvement of 67 and Highland Valley Intersection. Basically, it reviews the usual super-competent and painstaking Caltrans efforts on planning improvements for our California highways, more specifically their plans for improving

The teacher, not the program or money, makes the difference

“The Common Core Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. The standards will bring diverse state curricula into alignment with each other.” So it is said.

What is an excellent teacher going to do differently? What will the student be doing differently? Schools keep