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Stay informed, stay involved, and speak up

When did our elected servants become our masters? Do we dare say dictators?

Who asked them to govern out their visual agenda rather than serve our needs while using our money to do so?

Some would say the elected have gone to “cash in” rather than “serve.” We know they didn’t lose pay money during this time.

Our First Amendment is under attack

In the Sept. 26 issue of this paper, Bernard Kuhn gives voice to a complaint that the Sentinel is giving Darrell Beck too much “face” time. Mr. Kuhn should rejoice that Mr. Beck is still allowed to voice his opinion at all given that it runs contrary to what our folks in power and those who put them there believe.

Or is it only liberals that have the rights to free speech and outrage? I am beginning to think so, as the First Amendment is under attack on more than one front. Witness the new Media Shield Law that the Senate Judiciary Committee recently passed and will now ask the Senate to vote on.

Median barrier dangerous, potentially deadly

My family lives on Quail Rock Road. We have lived here since 2001 and been evacuated twice because of fires. We have great concerns about the impact a median barrier would have on our ability to safely flee Ramona in the event of a fire. Getting out of Ramona (heading west “down the hill”) is already challenging given the number of people fleeing the fires and the associated traffic. The fires generally come from the east and the north and there is only one reasonably safe way out of Ramona from where I live, that is heading west on SR-67.

Disagreement interpreted as disloyalty, irresponsibility

I do not take myself seriously. I take my job very seriously and the role of a board member is of paramount importance. Timely honest information is essential in a democratic society.

I believe my humanity, integrity and character have been impugned by the complaint the district’s educational leader filed against me. Life has been good to me for over eight decades, and being a school board member is a life-changing event at my age. A school board me

Forming one nation

By A. Duttaahmed, Ph.D. In the recent issues of the Sentinel, we read one long letter and two responses to the first letter, about our country. Couple of questions, and concerns: • We are proud of our American democratic heritage of our political system, but some are very intolerant, and resentful, with many of our [...]

What possibly could go wrong?

I’ve read Robert Krysak’s response to my Ramona Sentinel commentary, “Voices warning of tyranny,” and I agree with his premise that “ignorance and apathy are our real enemies.” Even though Bob and I often debate on opposite sides of politics, I respect his reasoned opinion and his keen interest in the founders of our government and the Constitution. When I think about how the government of the United States and the founding documents were conceived through all of the

Speed is the real culprit

I listened to the sirens racing past my house and then the eerie silence that follows when the road is closed due to an accident with fatalities. This was the second such accident in one week.

The easing of the curves on San Vicente Road will help reduce the threat of accidents, but the real culprit is speed. County road standards preclude the reduction of the posted speed limit, which is currently 50 mph. If we all left just five minutes earlier, and drove more slowly, we could effectively reduce the occurrence of all accidents, some of which are fatal.

For Sale — Wannabe Boutique Winery, $1.5 million OBO

Includes 3.2-acre award-winning Petite Sirah and Zinfandel vineyard on 5.75 acres of A70 zoned for agriculture property — which means nothing if you want to add value to your crop by making and/or selling wine under the 4-Tiered Boutique Winery Ordinance. Buyer will have to have very deep pockets and be one sandwich short of a picnic to bring the winery to fruition.

Last first day

By Mike Harrison Like many families in Ramona, last week marked the annual tradition in our house of taking our kids to their first day of school. This time was extra special in that it was my son’s last first day in elementary school. As my wife worked her magic to get him and his [...]

Do you see what I see?

I read and agreed with Mr. Beck’s assessment of what we are facing with our government. I do not disagree with him at all.

However, it is not limited to our federal government in its encroachment on our liberties. Governor Brown, in conjunction with our state Legislature, has taken it to another level by mandating gender-free bathrooms, toilets, locker rooms and sports teams. This will create more problems as the compliance cops push it down our throats. However harmful this may be to our society, I believe that there is a coming storm that this will pale in comparison.