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Don’t fall for the guilt trip

The special school board meeting/community workshop held on Jan. 25 exposed our school district’s unwillingness to take the measures necessary to balance its budget. Their unwillingness seems to be based upon desperation and fear.

The meeting focused on the district’s strategies regarding how it might survive its fiscal difficulties. What should be remembered from this meeting is that, if everything the district proposed could be accomplished — closing schools, selling properties and getting their next bond measure passed — by their own admission, all of these accomplishments would not solve their long-term fiscal problems. These strategies are only stop-gap measures to kick their self-inflicted difficulties down the road. These school officials are operating under the assumption that ultimately you will be required to bail them out of their habitual overspending.

A call to get involved and let your voice be heard

By John Rajcic The foundation of a free society is education. It is axiomatic that every student deserves a good school. It is also self-evident that parents want their children in an excellent school. This is one reason why houses in a good school district or near a good school sell first at a better [...]

Stop Common Core in Ramona

Many parents have not heard of Common Core—yet.

It is a top-down education mandate run at the national level. The states and local communities lose control over what their children are taught. The end goal is to produce in a socialist fashion workers for corporations. For instance, Common Core teaches only 50% classical literature. The other 50% is just information text.

What is the long-term fiscal plan for Ramona schools?

Under the law, every school district has to project a budget plan for three years which forecasts its fiscal condition. Due to our many local challenges, our governing board has wisely decided to create a longer view for our staff and local community. Accordingly, the board has scheduled a Community Workshop for 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 25, in the Olive Peirce Middle School Performing Arts Center at 1521 Hanson Lane.

Creelman residents share concerns about SDG&E project

We are a group of citizens who live in sight and near to the proposed SDG&E Industrial Solar Generating project at Creelman Lane and Ashley Road in Ramona. We don’t want this solar generating plant in our area. SDG&E over the past 25 years has not been a good neighbor. The purpose of this letter is to address current issues and concerns prior to the advancement of this project — dust health hazards, road safety, traffic issues, noise issues, unfinished projects from the past, paving and straightening of Creelman Lane,

No more property tax increases for government schools

I have read the “public school” commentaries in the Sentinel over the past weeks. They document over a decade of fiscal failures perpetrated by public school officials.

A new set of public school officials is studying these failures. The basic conclusions of these current official studies are:

1. the current situation is not their fault, and

2. all options, except raising our taxes, are not acceptable options to them because they are troublesome and hurt them too much.

Students turn to Realtors for school roof donations


This is Casey and Caedon from Olive Peirce Middle School and representing Friends of Ramona Unified Schools. We write to inform you that FORUS is trying to fix the disordered roofs throughout Ramona Unified School District which affect all of the students and people in our community.

Three wishes for Ramona

Looking forward to 2014, I would like to share three simple, straightforward wishes I have for the entire Ramona community.

First, I wish that every adult in the entire Ramona community would fully support the importance and critical value of our local public schools. Since the opening of the first American public school in 1635 in Boston, a cornerstone of our democracy has always been a core belief in public education.

Let’s consider the reason for the season

“The reason for the season.”

Can we reflect on that just for a minute? There are, whether you like it or not, many reasons for the season. No matter which of the reasons you might choose, all or none, the basic and glaring fact is this very one. All of the reasons for the joy of the season share a similar point and theme: be good to your fellow man, whether they are good to you or not, for the winter is long and the New Year is that which can only come with the promise of Spring.

Breathe life into Ramona — shop locally

One often reads the phrase “shop locally” with respect to the need to support local businesses that often line a town’s Main Street. Every town seems to post the same appeal and certainly Ramona is no different.

Few might understand that the cry to do so is much more than a marketing phrase, for surely the purpose to shop locally resides deeply with the symbiosis between local businesses and the community they service.