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More public involvement in education is necessary

People throughout the land must get more fully involved in education. The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) has an unfunded liability of around $70 billion. To remedy the situation, the taxpayers’ contribution to the fund will increase from 8.25 percent to 19.01 percent in seven years. The state contribution will also increase.

Did I sign up for this?


Well, yesterday was a first for us. As we brought the children outside to pair the preschool students with our older elementary students, we noticed that the sheriff’s helicopter was circling overhead and announcing something about “a man in black… 911.” “Hmmm….what is this about?”

School bond should pay off district loan

I think the Ramona community agreed that we need and have a high quality school system. Good schools graduate knowledgeable students, are an asset to the community, and help to maintain property values. They are also something we can be proud of.

However, the Ramona Unified School District is on the verge of a financial disaster. The problem was created by a prior school board which entered into a certificate of participation (COP) when a previous school bond was rejected by the Ramona community. This COP was for the amount of $25 million and has to be repaid by the school district. Today’s rep

Return open meeting law to original intent

This is a plea to repeal the Brown Act and to make the School Finance funding formula more equitable and place emphasis on “the need.” The Brown Act when enacted in 1953 had 866 words. Today the number of words are infinite, particularly if one includes “legal interpretations.”

The original intent of the Brown Act was noble.

Proudly paying homage to all of our veterans

I wanted to take a quick moment to respond to a recommendation made to VFW Post 3783 in a letter in last week’s Sentinel.

First off, I don’t know Dave Patterson. I don’t know the path he has walked. He’s not a member of VFW Post 3783 and he didn’t contact us in any way prior to writing the Sentinel.

A bit of advice can be powerful

There is a lot running around concerning Ramona Municipal Water District and its board — a lot of misstatements and a lot of emotion.

My life has been interesting and I miss my Dad. He would frequently stop doing something and ponder a thought, then speak one or two sentences, and go back to work. Many of those comments went into the brain matter without impact until they were triggered years later. A bit of advice can be powerful, regardless of the timing.

Missing directors should do their job or resign

As you may have been reading in the Ramona Sentinel, there are presently two Ramona Municipal Water District Board members who have essentially quit their elected posts as representatives of the ratepayers, leaving the board with a mere quorum of three members.

The two missing board members, however, have not officially vacated their seats, which can only be done if they resign outright. Therefore by holding onto their seats, while shirking their duty, they are doing a great disservice to the entire district and to their constituents who trusted them with their votes.

Common core should enrich curriculum, not standardize it

In 1957 the Soviets launched Sputnik. Our federal government scrambled to close a perceived technological and scientific gap with the Soviets by enacting the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) in 1958.

Educators rushed to get their share of taxpayer funds. Then in 1965, to close an academic achievement gap between groups of students, Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which morphed into today’s No Child Left Behind.

How to induce hysteria, cripple a cause and leave a really bad taste all around

Recently the Ramona Community Planning Group held their monthly meeting and one of the issues was the South Bypass or Dye Road project. Along with this was the Ramona Street extension and the 13th Street bridge projects. The meeting was well attended especially so after the CFARR group and a certain individual when all down Main Street to purposely gin up every business owner that he (they) could.

A taste of our planning group

Most people with common sense agree that the focus on traffic should be the areas of growth (Cumming Ranch, Montecito Ranch) and the limited scope of Highway 67 to handle traffic as is. There is no growth coming from the Estates and Keyes Road.