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Highway 67 remains a priority

“Highway 67 Is No Longer A Safety Corridor! Roadway Is Now Safe To Travel!”

Sometime in the future this will be a true headline. Sometime in the future our community will see the completion of a roadway safer to travel for work, school, and back home again. For now, there are a few improvements that can be made as we move toward this utopia. The SR 67 Safety Project is a committee under County Supervisor Dianne Jacob’s Ramona Revitalization project working on making SR 67 safer.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

So what do we do now, as it appears that Measure Q is not going to pass?

I have shared previously that it will be an uphill climb for the school board to apply the community’s goals for our children without the resources that would have been available with the passage of Measure Q.

How about a voluntary Q?

Most Ramona residents have shown that they understand the importance of holding government school bureaucracies accountable for fiscal mismanagement. Proposition Q’s margin of defeat reveals that Ramona Unified School District has lost credibility with the majority of Ramona citizens since the failure of RUSD’s Proposition R two years ago. Unless RUSD changes the way it deals with its fiscal difficulties, its opposition is likely to grow.

Don’t punish the students

When I was named head baseball coach, the baseball field at Ramona High School was in sad shape. Athletic director Mike Cunningham asked me to write a proposal outlining what needed repair and replacement and what was needed to upgrade the field at the time.

I did so and submitted the proposal. Mike ran my proposals by the principal, Myron Bill, and the superintendent, Bob Kennedy. He came back to me and said that only one change was necessary before the proposal was submitted to the school board. “Your proposal starts out with ‘In order to have a first class baseball facility.’ The people of Ramona don’t want first class they only want adequate. Change first class to adequate and it might pass.”

I couldn’t be

Accountability — not Q

Ramona Unified School District wanted more tax dollars in 2002. It put a proposition on the ballot, and voters turned them down. In 2004, they defied the vote and borrowed the money you wouldn’t give them in 2002. RUSD projections for growth were wrong, and the loan became an anchor around its neck.

Instead of taking responsibility for its mistake and taking early corrective actions, RUSD has spent the past few years threatening taxpayers with dire consequences if they didn’t save RUSD from itself.

Local control, a

Q: It’s the principle

I’ve probably spent more time in reviewing the information related to Measure Q than I have any ballot measure I can remember. Many people I respect and admire are both for and against it. In reaching my decision I evaluated a set of hierarchical principles that are of importance to me, principles that people I know (and ancestors I’ve only read about) have fought and died for.

Q: A financial perspective

I have become intrigued with the Ramona Unified School District’s Measure Q from a financial perspective. I have read many of the recent published items but found that there was not a lot of information regarding the subject from the financial standpoint. So I have now contacted all of the RUSD Board of Directors, the district’s financial manager and the proposed company that would underwrite the bond issue should it be approved.

Q: Inappropriate at this time

My three children have all attended Ramona schools, and with my youngest just starting first grade, I have a strong interest in maintaining a quality public school system here. Despite the critiques of some, I believe we have one of the best districts anywhere, and I applaud the teachers, staff and board for their efforts and successes in making this happen.

If Proposition Q doesn’t pass

For those of you voting on the principle of no new taxes, this article really isn’t for you. Nothing I or anyone can say will change your mind and I respect your position to view this situation differently than I do.

We are so blessed to live in a country where our voices can be heard and where we can make a difference regardless of the position we take on this issue. I am proud to be an American.

Measure Q: Facts & Figures

With Election Day just ahead, here are some answers to questions we have recently received related to the school district’s ballot proposition, Measure Q.

In sharp contrast to Prop R in 2012, the District has reduced the request for bond revenue from $66 million to $40 million. Accordingly, the District has reduced the tax rate from $60 per $100,000 to $39 per $100,000.