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Q: Inappropriate at this time

My three children have all attended Ramona schools, and with my youngest just starting first grade, I have a strong interest in maintaining a quality public school system here. Despite the critiques of some, I believe we have one of the best districts anywhere, and I applaud the teachers, staff and board for their efforts and successes in making this happen.

If Proposition Q doesn’t pass

For those of you voting on the principle of no new taxes, this article really isn’t for you. Nothing I or anyone can say will change your mind and I respect your position to view this situation differently than I do.

We are so blessed to live in a country where our voices can be heard and where we can make a difference regardless of the position we take on this issue. I am proud to be an American.

Measure Q: Facts & Figures

With Election Day just ahead, here are some answers to questions we have recently received related to the school district’s ballot proposition, Measure Q.

In sharp contrast to Prop R in 2012, the District has reduced the request for bond revenue from $66 million to $40 million. Accordingly, the District has reduced the tax rate from $60 per $100,000 to $39 per $100,000.

What are RUSD’s priorities?

Ramona Unified School District (RUSD) puts a lot of information about itself in the Sentinel. Often it boasts of the classes it offers and the projects it wants to accomplish, but such boasting can backfire in financially strained times.

Should a financially troubled school district offer a cooking class? A digital photography class? A guitar class? Yoga for football players? Pay $500,000 to refurbish a playing field?

Time to bring back the pride

I have lived here for nearly 35 years — and I am a proud to call Ramona “Home.” My parents moved our family to Ramona in 1981 to be closer to the family business, Mi Ranchito Taco Shop. I believe it was one of the best things my parents ever did for us.

Prop. Q: A good choice

This election cycle I will vote YES on Proposition Q. The Ramona Unified School District has been working hard to formulate methods of good management of the money they will receive through this bond, and part of that is the creation of a citizen oversight committee. Thus, I feel comfortable giving the school district approximately $39 per $100K value of our home per year, as an investment in the future of our children and this town.

Having been part of the Friends of Ramona Schools, (FORUS), I have been affo

Measure Q: Vote No

Don’t be fooled by pro Q people parading the children. If you feel the employees need more compensation and the district board/administrators need free tickets and free restaurant meals (pay to play), then vote Yes. If you don’t trust the district or otherwise object to more property tax, then vote No.

Ramona is still our choice

Growing up in Ramona for the Gunnett family has and always will be the only choice for us.

From my earliest days as a Ramona native and the son of a longtime Ramona schoolteacher, I can remember our town taking care of each other and putting our youth first in the community. Playing soccer and baseball on the local fields bring back fond memories of support from my teachers, coaches, and family.

What’s in a name?

Isis Fuller Figure Fashion of Ramona, a plus size dress store for women sizes 14-38 named after the ancient Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, friendship and love, has been at the center of controversy over the name of the store, and the unfounded false claims that the store is connected to the terrorist organization ISIL.

VFW supports Measure Q

A very serious issue is about to affect Ramona and we to can see the storm clouds brewing. Our school system is facing a terrible future if action is not taken in the present. Not every single member of Post 3783 will agree, but overall we do agree something must be done to protect our schools.