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Solar-powered electric vehicles yield major savings for local consumers

Solare Energy | Jose Luis Contreras

Government agencies, manufacturers and consumers alike are seeking transportation alternatives in the wake of rising gas prices – and where hybrid cars once led the fuel-efficient auto market, electric cars are now taking their place. As electric cars become increasingly common, consumers stand to benefit in more ways than one: by eliminating the need for gasoline, electric vehicles not only cut fuel costs, but also provide owners the opportunity to use solar power to achieve even greater savings for both transportation and home energy use overall.

Combine solar power and energy efficiency to maximize consumer savings

Solare Energy San Diego

Summer has a tendency to send energy costs skyrocketing; and each year, as the days begin to shorten and fall draws near, consumers throughout the country vow to end outrageous energy bills – no matter what it takes. For some, the solution may be to simply suffer the season without air conditioning; for others, solar panel systems seem like the best possible alternative. But as it turns out, the most effective way to balance both comfort and consumer savings lies in a blend of cost-effective energy efficiency measures and smaller, less expensive solar systems: and according to industry experts, this combination yields not only optimal savings, but also lower costs for consumers in the long run.