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Scribbles from the Field: Cornerstone’s Equine Retirement Village


Christmas came early to the horses of Cornerstone Therapeutic Riding Center. On a Saturday morning before the holidays, instead of sleeping in or shopping, nearly 100 employees of HD Supply Facilities Maintenance in San Diego gathered in Ramona. In a unique mix of business and pleasure, the group has not only given support to a special organization based here, but has shown that what happens in Ramona goes far beyond its own backyard.

Scribbles from the Field: This champion wears ribbons and pajamas

Horse Wears Ribbons1-1.WEB

When he goes to sleep each night, he’s dressed in clean pajamas; when he wakes up each morning, his best friend greets him with a kiss. While this might be a normal routine for most 9-year-old males, it’s not exactly the way most horses get to live.

But Chex—officially, Fed Ex The Chex, an American Quarter Horse owned by Cathy and Danny Pritchard—isn’t just any horse.

Helping others creates a rhythm for dance instructor

Dalia Zumba1.WEBfeature

“Move. Dance. Walk. Just do something,” Dalia Nogueda says, encouraging the women assembled in front of her. “Anything you want to do is fine, as long as you are moving.”

On a recent Wednesday evening, the early September temperature was backing off from the nearly 100 degrees it had been earlier in the afternoon. But it was sizzling inside the Ramona Grange building. Even with the air conditioning on, there was no getting away from the positive vibes the 20 adults attending

Horse trainer prepares for world tour


Winning the 2011 Extreme Cowboy Race in Pomona may have gotten him worldwide recognition, but Greg Robinson says it’s not his biggest victory.

A much smaller win in Descanso is “the award that would hurt me the most if it were ever taken away,” he says. “Part of the reason the event means so much to me is because that’s who I really am—just a cowboy, horseman and father.”

He explains, “The 2009 Vaquero Days in Descanso was the first time I competed with my sons. I didn’t win the overall event, but we won the 3-man doctoring challenge.” The competition involved three people working cattle.

Scribbles from the Field: Intermountain — Putting out fires in the rumor department


Between the resignation of Chief Cary “Dusty” Coleman in 2011 from Intermountain Fire-Rescue Department and the station’s economically uncertain future, it’s easy to see how rumors could get started. The many stories about the future of the station aren’t hard to find.

But if you want to know the truth, that’s even easier — just ask Chief Jeremy Christofferson. He worked with Coleman for a year before taking over, and has heard many of the rumors himself. He would love to set the record straight on the station’s current status.

Scribbles from the Field: Taking on Orphan Kids not Child’s Play

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The scene would appear to be pure chaos. Therese Nerat, and on this day part-time helper Leslie Hill, walk from her home into a fenced side yard.

The yard seems to be set up for children, with playhouses, toys, tables, chairs, and secure fencing. But the youngsters here are a different kind of kid—the kind with four feet, beards, and horns.

With a quick call to announce feeding time, the two women are all questions and work, instantly surrounded by the bodies and cries of more than a dozen tiny, hungry goats.