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Ramona’s Trainer: Combating Cancer with Fitness


I write to you from 1,660 miles away in the natural state, Arkansas. Now this isn’t a place I would normally vacation, and in fact I’m not vacationing now.

I’m here with my sister Nikki and my son Blake supporting my Dad as he begins his battle with colon cancer. He has endured many battles over the years externally in war in Vietnam, physically being a double amputee, and internally through open heart surgery. He is a warrior to say the least.

The more I’ve read and researched about colon cancer, a reoccurring theme keeps popping up. Exercise can help prolong patients’ lives.

Find Your Reason


We have learned one important fact through the years after working with so many different types of members: Those who stay and keep at it every day find that personal motivation helps them seek a more quality life, more satisfying work, and a reason to be fit.

We are recognizing the power of personal motivation by sharing our Find Your Reason™ campaign. This is part of a national campaign that helps people identify their true personal motivations, those that are much deeper and more meaningful than just wanting to be in shape. People begin fitness programs for a variety of reasons, but it is those with strong personal ties that stick with it year after year.

Ramona’s Trainer: ‘The Weakness of Your Powerhouse’


We are always hearing so much about the core and how you need to strengthen it and if you’re going to be in shape that you have to work the core. I totally agree with this, but there is a weak link in this even if your core is strong. The weak link is the mobility, stability, and flexibility of the muscles of the core and the ones adjacent to it.

I just started with a client this week and, despite many setbacks like coronary heart disease, shoulder surgery, and old hamstring tears, this gentleman wants to get back into the best shape of his life. He is excited and enthusiastic about the new changes we are implementing, and one of our focuses is the “core.”

Ramona’s Trainer: Get in the GAME! Sign up for something physical


Now is the time to get involved in something physical. Spring is right around the corner and the weather is bound to be almost perfect.

Athletics, sports, and physical fitness are not just for kids. You may say, “I’m just not an athlete.” I beg to differ. All of us have an athlete inside ready to burst out and get physical.

Ramona’s Trainer: Massage Face and Chronic Pain

I was recently speaking with a lady, let’s call her Valerie, at the club a few weeks ago as she was coming out of her massage treatment with one of our fabulous massage therapists. She had what I call her “massage face” on. This is not to be confused with hungover face although the two really are quite similar: Eyes a little groggy and out of focus, face a tad bit squished from the massage table face cradle, mostly happy, and slightly unaware of her

Ramona’s Trainer: Reach out

This is a great time of year to set new goals and strive to be better. Hopefully you read last week’s Ramona’s Trainer Column and did the “8 F’s of Health” and you set some goals for the new year. If not, please visit me on Facebook and read it there.

An old “friend” of mine, Lou Zwick, recently messaged me on Facebook saying Happy New Year! This marks 20 years since I met Lou, president of American