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Ramona’s Trainer: Fitness University, Part 2


Let me ask you a few questions. Do carbohydrates make you fat? How was fat added to your body? Is sugar the culprit that makes us fat? Is the Atkins diet the way to go?

Last time we talked about an overview of metabolism, what your basal metabolic rate is, why just using the scale isn’t the best way to measure progress, and why maintaining or adding lean body mass is so critical to your metabolism.

Ramona’s Trainer: You’ve made the team


What is a team? A team is a group of people working together toward a common goal. As I sit here and watch the Ryder Cup, I watch the USA team and the European team battle it out, it reminds me of how important teamwork really is.

I have a number of teams and so do you. My number one team is my family—my wife, my three children, and my other family members who support us. Another critical team I have is my team at Ramona Fitness Center. From the front counter staff, to the childcare, to the cleaning crews, to the

Ramona’s Trainer: Fitness University Session 1


We are getting ready to kick off our semi-annual Ramona’s Biggest Winner program and we are excited to bring added value to this awesome life changing program. In order to see clients succeed and to make their experience at our club more than just a trip to the gym, we are including a six session nutrition, anatomy, biology, and education course through our Fitness University program.

Ramona’s Trainer: Get your butt in the kitchen


Now you may have read my column before and how you CAN eat out and not ruin your eating plan. You can almost always make a somewhat healthy choice driving through fast food joints.

Is this the best? No. Is it optimal? No. Is it convenient? Heck yeah! Should you do it daily? No and it is not my recommendation to do it at all.

Ramona’s Trainer: Fitness for Everyone


This month marked the 26th year that the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation (SDASF) organized and hosted the San Diego Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp.

Each August SDASF offers a unique opportunity for children ages 4-18 with a physical disability to attend a five-day adaptive sports camp. Sports offered include basketball, hip hop dance, tennis, archery, rugby, soccer, physical conditioning, and more. Organizers explain that the goals of the camp are to help establish the building blocks of an active life through the introduction of adaptive sports and recreation.

Ramona’s Trainer: Failing Forward


My family and I were headed on our annual summer RV’ing vacation and at the point on the road that the traffic gets congested and the kids get restless, I plug my iPod in and turn on an audio book. On this vacation I decided to finish one of my John Maxwell books, “Failing Forward.”

We’ve all experienced setbacks, tragedies and problems. Life is full of them.

Ramona’s Trainer: Halftime Huddle


The last week marked the halfway point of the year. I remember my time as a defensive end as a RHS Bulldog two quarters down and two to go. We’d head to the locker room and coach would give us a halftime talking to in hopes of inspiring some fourth quarter heroics and team play. He would speak of where we were lacking and remind us to get back to fundamentals of the game.

Now is the time for you to stop and take an inventory of the current status of your life. What areas should you take a look at? Start with these 5 Fundamentals of Life: your heart, soul, mind, strength, and nutrition.

The 1 Degree of Difference


My team and I are honored to be working with both the Pop Warner Football Summer Camp and The Bulldog Basketball Camp. I want to thank Coach Dave Reichner and John Pecararo for trusting me and my team with their athletes and their sports conditioning.

Our goal in working with athletes is to take whatever sports they are playing and make them one degree or one percent better. What we ask in return is that they give that one degree more effort!

Ramona’s Trainer: What the FMS?


My oldest daughter Mikaela was just promoted from eighth grade to high school and, no, FMS is not some short form text messaging acronym. FMS stands for Functional Movement Screening. This has always been a part of our training program at the club, but we have decided to take our screening process up a notch or two by implementing a three-tier system where our trainers, massage therapists and registered dietician spend one hour each with new clients.

Ramona’s Trainer: 5 Keys to Killing it as an Entrepreneur, Manager, Employee


It’s Not about the Money

Do what you’re passionate about and remember passion begins with purpose. In all you do, do your best for the sake of a job well done.

Let’s face it. Our businesses are going to have ups and downs financially. If all we focused on was the immediate, we’d throw in the towel and give up. I’m a huge golf nut. From competition, to players, to equipment, the history, the purity of the game — I love it! In golf there’s a saying. Focus on the process. You have to stick to your pre-shot routine, set up, grip, swing thought and focus on that, not