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Preset for success


Your preset game plan begins this week The holiday season is upon us and many people can put on as much as 5 to 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You can think of combating this in three ways. First, you could just go with the flow and expect to put this weight on, [...]

Four Cornerstones of Fitness Nutrition


When it comes to fitness and feeling and looking better, as well as performing at your peak levels, proper nutrition is the foundation for success. There’s a ton more science and practicality when it comes to nutrition than shared here, so bear that in mind as you read, but here are my “Four Cornerstones of Fitness Nutrition.”

Enjoy your vacation, but don’t take a vacation from fitness


This is the time of year that many families pack up and head out for a vacation destination, be it tropical or mountainous.

From the oceans to the valleys, people will be venturing off for some down time and R&R. Believe me, down time and mellow yellow time is critical to recharge your batteries and a great time to refocus and come back motivated to change the world.

Ramona’s Trainer: Are you FITTE?


Everyone wants to be FIT, but not everyone understands the benefits of being FITTE. The FITTE principle has been a long-term component of personal training and coaching for years.

The FITTE principle is used to help keep you moving forward and making progress. I know, you’re in the dark and have no clue what I’m talking about, so let me explain.

Ramona’s Trainer: ‘The Cycle’


Everyone wants results and they want them fast.

Those in the best shape of their lives aren’t all born with fast metabolisms and superior genetics. They are no different from you and me from a physiological standpoint, but they do differ in their habits and practices.

I often hear people say they wish they had that drive for fitness and health. I believe they do. They just need to tap into “The Cycle.”

Ramona’s Trainer: Blessed are those who share the Gospel of Fitness


This is a two-way street. If you are a fitness believer, share it with those around you, and if you’re not and know someone who is, get in there are be a part of what they are doing.

Fitness and healthy living are a choice. We are not genetically inclined toward living healthy. In fact, I would say it is the complete opposite. We are inclined to always take the path of least resistance. Just as water flowing down hill naturally chooses the path and terrain that is easiest to traverse, so do we. For these aforementioned reasons, we MUST team up with others to succeed.

Ramona’s Trainer: Re-SOLUTION for the New Year


The new year is here and what are you going to do about your fitness? We all need to resolve to make a Re-SOLUTION. I’m not going to give you some ideas as to what might help you, I’m going to give the SOLUTION.

“Wait a minute, I thought we were all unique individuals with unique macro nutrient needs, workout regimens and baggage.” Yes and no. We continue to make the issue more complex than it needs to be.

Ramona’s Trainer: Back to Basics


With so many exercise options, diet plans and fitness fads available to you, it can be confusing which route to take. From infomercials touting rock hard abs in just three minutes a day to CrossFit and Latin dance cardio like Zumba, or the traditional gym workout — the options are endless.

What works, what’s safe, and what’s effective? The answer is what’s the goal, and it depends.

Ramona’s Trainer: Three doors to change


Door No. 1 — Accountability

No, we don’t always like being accountable to someone. We live in the land of independence and individualism. We strive to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and be our own person.

Accountable to none, but one — yourself. Good, bad or indifferent, that is our cultural norm.

Ramona’s Trainer: Passion, Vision, Determination


What does it take to be successful? First of all one must define what success is. Is success making a ton of money, being famous, or living in a mansion and driving fancy cars?

Or is success doing what you love doing for work, being able to enjoy your kids and having the health to see them do the same with their kids 20 years from now? Is success having time freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it?