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2013: Lost but never forgotten stars



Michael Ansara, age 91 (Cochise in Broken Arrow)

Allan Arbus, 95 (psychiatrist in M.A.S.H.)

Conrad Bain, 89 (Diff’rent Strokes)

Ramona’s Trainer: Re-SOLUTION for the New Year


The new year is here and what are you going to do about your fitness? We all need to resolve to make a Re-SOLUTION. I’m not going to give you some ideas as to what might help you, I’m going to give the SOLUTION.

“Wait a minute, I thought we were all unique individuals with unique macro nutrient needs, workout regimens and baggage.” Yes and no. We continue to make the issue more complex than it needs to be.

Manes & Trails: The California Mission Ride

Joe Solazzo &  Domenico Sumonte cmr2 use-1.WEB

It took more than two years to complete. The logistics and planning took quite a bit of time. The northern leg covered about 450 miles. The southern leg covered another 450 miles, give or take.

The reality of riders on horseback making an estimated 900-mile journey through California was a huge undertaking and may even sound like something done in the distant past, but they finished here in San Diego just weeks ago.

TimeOut with Tambo: Time for New Year’s resolutions and holiday gifts


I will never say before announcing any starting lineup, “Please hold your laughter until the entire team has been announced.” I did that once several decades ago and the coach has yet to forgive me.

I will never announce or write in an article, “Will the jerk who knows nothing about the sport or its rules please quit yelling at the officials.” Or “Will the individual who has never coached or played the game quit yelling at the players and coaches.” I have never announced that over the PA but I have less than quietly made that request to individuals at games.

Ask Mr. Marketing: Buying Closer to Home

mr marketing.50x35

I’m not generally a flag-waver, nor do I adhere to much of the flotsam floating around the Internet. However, this morning’s collection of junk email delivered a message that had some real merit.

As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous piles of cheap merchandise produced at American labor’s expense. Our economy isn’t expected to grow much, even as the Chinese economy takes off like a jackrabbit.

Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Tom Hanks star in movies that open this week


Anchorman 2 PG13 San Diego’s top anchorman, Ron Burgundy, and his crew return to take on a 24 news channel with great hilarity. Stars: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd

Walking with Dinosaurs PG Return to the time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and see a small dino become the hero of all dinosaurs. Stars: John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Tiya Sircar, Skyler Stone

Saving Mr. Banks PG13 This story unveils Walt Disney’s struggle to obtain the film rights to P.L. Travers infamous book, Mary Poppins. Stars: Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell, Bradley Whitford

TimeOut with Tambo: Academies display how the game should be played


They believe in Honor, Courage, Duty, Commitment and Country. They live by an honor code. They make the cliché, “It is not a matter of life and death. It is more important than that,” a true statement.

They are college students who can’t and don’t party every weekend. They are not in a fraternity or sorority but they are brothers and sisters, not only in spirit but in arms. They take an oath to protect and defend this great country. They do not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate among them those who do.

Holiday shopping tips for online shoppers

Crime Prev.WEB

Barbara Wallace, crime prevention specialist at the sheriff’s Ramona station, shares holiday shopping tips for online shoppers.
It’s true that shopping online can save a lot of time and trouble, but it comes with a new set of hazards, she said.

Manes and Trails: Help update Cuyamaca State Park plan

Rope and Spurs

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is undergoing a transformation, and it’s not too late to get involved. The nearly 25,000-acre park has acquired more land and is adjacent to Anza Borrego State Park as well as other public lands and trails. The third and final public meeting was held on Nov. 12, but the public comment period is still open. Everyone with an interest in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is invited to send comments and ideas for the General Plan process to State Parks at The website has

TimeOut with Tambo: Honor system and sportsmanship


There is a lot to be said for prep golf and tennis. In those two sports the players are in charge of policing the game and calling the infractions. In tennis it usually comes down to whether or not a serve or ball is in or out.

In high school golf the players count their own scores and if they break a rule it is up to them to make the call and take a penalty. It is the honor system. To too many, the honor system is interpreted as “You’ve got the honor and I’ve got the system.”