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Manes & Trails – A trail to nowhere: Easements and making connections

Last in a three-part series

Having the Ramona Trails and Pathways Master Plan in place and knowing that the basics of funding trails and pathways must be done, no plan can move forward without easements.

Easements are the cornerstone for connecting trails and pathways and can be purchased (which goes right back to funding), may be donated or built into the road plans by Department of Public Works (DPW) or development plans as Ramona grows and changes, which is the most frequent

Manes & Trails: Funding connections for a Trail to Nowhere

With our community having a comprehensive trails and pathways plan on paper, one of the biggest challenges is finding money to take it from paper to dirt. With money tight everywhere at the state level, county level, and local level, money for trails — and everything else — is even more difficult to find than it used to be, but it can and does happen. There are many ways to fund trails and pathways in our community from state to local opportunities.

Manes & Trails: A Trail to Nowhere

Ramona Community Trails and Pathways Master Plan: I have ventured a guess that most of you do not know what that is, or if you think you may know, you’ve probably never seen it. I am thankful for those of you who are aware and knowledgeable regarding the Plan.

Ever thought about or said something about the “trail to nowhere” in Ramona? I know some of you have because in all the years I’ve been involved with trail advocacy I’ve heard people mention, “The trail to nowhere” or ask why “we need to build this trail to nowhere.”

Manes & Trails: Ramona Community Park — by foot or by hoof

Trail miles in Ramona may seem tough to come by, but there are many locations that are available for riding and hiking that you may have never considered or been aware of. So many are uncharted gems, yet some are right in town, like our Community Park. I think all too often people discount the Ramona Community Park, or Wellfield Park as it is also referred to, all too quickly as too small or uninteresting. Think again!

Manes & Trails: NERN Puts a Dent in Future Equine Population

There will be fewer horses in the future, thanks to National Equine Resource Network (NERN) holding a low cost gelding clinic in Ramona.

Fourteen horses were gelded on April 15, making them unable to reproduce, which is something that I take very seriously. Fourteen may not sound like very many but over their lifetimes they could have helped to produce 1,200 more horses, maybe even more if they were added to a breeding program that used artificial insemination or some other very active means of breeding.

Manes & Trails: Community help needed to restore Ramona’s Historic Rodeo Arena

Rope and Spurs

On April 14 at 9 a.m., help is needed at the Ramona Historic Rodeo Arena.

Restoration efforts have been under way for some time to recondition the arena for public use. The community is being asked to come out and help this weekend get some painting done and possibly begin work on the old bucking chutes.

Manes and Trails: Rattlesnakes and your horses

It’s that time of year folks, the snakes are coming out! We don’t really have a “snake season” because it’s always snake season.

Rattlesnakes are common in Ramona and the backcountry. In Southern California we have several species of rattlesnake including the Southern Pacific, Southwestern Speckled, and Red Diamond. In the desert areas, the Desert Sidewinder is most present. I have no idea how to tell the difference, but I know they are all dangerous for me, for my family, and for my horse.

Equine population — Ramona is NOT a one horse town

Rope and Spurs

As an equestrian and trails advocate in Ramona I ponder horse related topics constantly. Our current economic state has created so many issues for horse owners such as the number of homeless horses increasing dramatically in the past three years across the nation, the cost of hay going up 125 percent (and climbing) since 2008, gas prices that are incredibly unaffordable, more expensive veterinary care — and the list goes on.

Manes and Trails: Lower Santa Ysabel Truck Trail

Rope and Spurs

In Ramona we are so lucky to have access to Cleveland National Forest (CNF) public lands. Whether you like to hike or ride, the opportunities abound on the thousands of acres available. Until Ramona’s Community Master Trails and Pathways Plan is fully realized, we are indeed lucky to have public lands to experience by foot [...]