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Summer — time to ride


The California Riding and Hiking Trail (CRHT) traverses much of San Diego County and north into Riverside County, San Mateo and Los Angeles as well. I’ve only begun to explore this wonderful gem from horseback, so you’ll hear about different segments from time to time. While camping and riding in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, I’ve had the opportunity to see about 25 miles of the CRHT so far.

Manes & Trails: Santa Maria Creek – A trail would address concerns


As concern for public safety grows, the push comes from many directions to get the Santa Maria Creek cleaned up. Every year the creek bed is cleaned up by volunteers, and tons of trash are removed.

In April, volunteers removed more than three tons of trash in about four hours! The most common trash was

Heritage Herd expands with two new foals


Ramona’s original horses are thriving on the land they currently occupy in Ramona. In April 2013 there have been two new foals born, giving the herd a more viable future. Sired by two separate stallions of the remaining four in all of existence on earth, these little fillies contain the unique genetic material that will help keep the herd alive. Don, Juan, Bautista and Anza are the stallions of the Heritage Herd.

San Vicente Saddle Club Poker Ride A worthy cause — and lots of fun

Rope and Spurs

San Vicente Saddle Club’s annual poker ride will be held on May 4.

Now, don’t let the name fool you. This saddle club is composed of many types of people, not just horse people. Oh, it may have started out that way some 20 years ago, but this group has grown into a philanthropic nonprofit organization that makes amazing contributions to our community.

Manes & Trails: A blow to trail advocates

Rope and Spurs

As federal and state budgets shrink, trails move farther down the list of importance to those decision makers in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento. Earlier this year a great loss to the trail community occurred. The California Recreational Trails Committee (CRTC), comprised of trails supporters, professionals, group leaders, and agency representatives to work with the state and many agencies and organizations regarding trail issues, was

Manes and Trails: Get involved in Cuyamaca state park update

Rope and Spurs

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park (CRSP) is undergoing a General Plan Update, and you are once again invited to provide input.

The first meeting in October 2012 went well with a large turnout and tons of public comment and opinion. The meeting was a workshop setting with stations set up to provide information for the attendees to make informed suggestions to the park staff regarding the future of the park.

Ramona rallies for injured rider

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Wearing a helmet when you ride your horse? I am writing again to remind you to please put one on every ride!

There was a photo in the paper on Feb. 28 about a fallen rider. I receive my Sentinel on Thursdays and I honestly did not pay much attention to that particular photo. It was brief and small and didn’t catch my attention.

Manes & Trails: Mount Woodson Trail set for a facelift

Rope and Spurs

Mount Woodson Trail is set for a facelift beginning in the spring. Also known as the Fry-Koegel Trail, it is approximately 11 miles long and provides a vital connection to or from the city of Poway, depending on your direction of travel.

The Ramona side of the trail has been unusable for quite some time due to erosion, brush and poison oak overgrowth, but that is going to change.

Manes & Trails: Trails and pathways — they provide critical connections

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Trails and pathways are each important to any comprehensive trail plan. To attempt to have one without the other simply does not work, especially in communities like Ramona.

Trail and pathway plans fall under the supervision of the County Parks and Recreation Department, so it made sense for both trails and pathways to remain under the guidance and supervision of that department. Pathways typically received input from the Department of Public Works (DPW), since they deal with roadways and

Manes & Trails: Is Your Horse Safe?

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Everyone likes to think their horses are safe. Placed in a well-built corral or pasture we have it in mind that they will be secure from any harm.

We comb over the ground looking for nails, rocks, and other debris that may hurt our beloved horses. Many folks use hot wire in an extra effort to keep their horses from leaning on or through the fencing. I’ve seen people put up pipe corrals, then wooden fencing as a secondary barrier. Of course, horses eat wood, so that rarely lasts very long if it is within their reach.