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TimeOut with Tambo: Academies display how the game should be played


They believe in Honor, Courage, Duty, Commitment and Country. They live by an honor code. They make the cliché, “It is not a matter of life and death. It is more important than that,” a true statement.

They are college students who can’t and don’t party every weekend. They are not in a fraternity or sorority but they are brothers and sisters, not only in spirit but in arms. They take an oath to protect and defend this great country. They do not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate among them those who do.

TimeOut with Tambo: Honor system and sportsmanship


There is a lot to be said for prep golf and tennis. In those two sports the players are in charge of policing the game and calling the infractions. In tennis it usually comes down to whether or not a serve or ball is in or out.

In high school golf the players count their own scores and if they break a rule it is up to them to make the call and take a penalty. It is the honor system. To too many, the honor system is interpreted as “You’ve got the honor and I’ve got the system.”

TimeOut with Tambo: Friday Night Lights at Bulldog Stadium


Everybody knows how hard the players and coaches work to prepare for a varsity football game.Games are played on Friday nights in the fall but they are won in the weight room in the winter, spring and summer.

Some schools in the San Diego CIF Section and other areas around the country still play on Friday afternoons. There are several reasons for the afternoon games. I won’t go into

Trimming trees for better reception


Last week I checked the sports’ page recently to see what college and high school football games were on the tube. The UT listed 35 games on Saturday but my satellite system had well over 50 choices. I also noted more high school football games than professional games.

TimeOut with Tambo: Injuries don’t stop this golfer


When Caitlyn Doulgeropoulos shot a personal best 41 against San Pasqual High School in the opening golf match of the season, it was not news. That she played and finished the round was news.

Caitlyn’s coach, John Rathbun, was concerned that she would not be able to finish the round and did not want to put undue pressure on her. Caitlyn has been rehabilitating from injuries and battling pain since the end of last school year. Rathbun was just happy to have her on the team and was willing to let her play herself into shape.

TimeOut with Tambo: Take in a high school sports event this fall


The school year is based on a time when America was an agricultural nation. Students had to be home to help with the crops during the summer. The work that needed every hand in the family to harvest was mostly done by fall so that is when school started.

The school calendar has seen big adjustments during the last decade or so. When I started teaching and coaching in California the school year started in mid-September and ended in mid-June. Most schools in the country started after Labor Day and ended just after Memorial Day.

TimeOut with Tambo


Gone fishing signs are often seen on several establishments in Ramona this time of the year. The last part of my two-week vacation should be entitled “Gone Wishing” because when I throw a line in the water that is all that I am doing — WISHING!

I spent a week in the Eastern Sierras camping in the June Lake Loop at Grant Lake. Grant is the biggest of the four lakes in the June Lake Loop and the farthest from restaurants, watering holes and the town of

Timeout with Tambo: Time off for a sports-infused vacation

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Most people take a vacation to get away from the grind of their everyday job: those who work in the big city like to go camping, those who live near the beach like to go to the mountains, those who live on dry land like to go on a cruise, those who eat too much meat go fishing.

Sports writers are a different breed. After 11 months of covering high school sports, reporting on the progress of Ramona High School graduates who have gone on to the next level, going to college athletic events, going to professional athletic events, covering youth sports, going to horse races, golfing, bowling, hiking and burning off 300 calories working out and replacing them with 1,500 calories of pasta,

Arriba Teen Center has much to offer


As mentioned in my column July 25, we need more and better recreational activities for not only the youth of Ramona but also for all of the citizens of Ramona.

Just because there is a need doesn’t mean that nobody is trying to fulfill that need. I recently visited the Arriba Teen Center at 1710 Montecito Road, which is in a building that has also served as Ramona Community School and as the Ramona High School wrestling team’s practice facility. Come to think of it, where haven’t the wrestlers practiced?

Timeout with Tambo


My dad took me to the Forum in Inglewood to see a Lakers Game for one of my birthday presents when I was in high school. I don’t remember which birthday it was because I had 10 or 11 birthdays during my high school days.

As it turned out, the Lakers were out of town and the Los Angeles Kings were playing in the House That Jack Built.