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Ramona’s Trainer: Passion, Vision, Determination


What does it take to be successful? First of all one must define what success is. Is success making a ton of money, being famous, or living in a mansion and driving fancy cars?

Or is success doing what you love doing for work, being able to enjoy your kids and having the health to see them do the same with their kids 20 years from now? Is success having time freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it?

Flickers: What’s new at the movies?


Box Office Leaders

Gravity PG13 A spacewalk turns to disaster when the shuttle is destroyed leaving two astronauts tethered to each other in deep space.

Carrie R In this horror remake, a shy outcast girl is ridiculed by her high school peers causing Carrie to release her telekinetic powers.

Manes & Trails: Equine colic

Rope and Spurs

Colic is a scary word to horse owners. Although a common disorder of the digestive system, the term colic simply put means “abdominal pain.” The term in horses refers to a condition of severe abdominal discomfort characterized by pawing, rolling and sometimes the inability to defecate, and we all know horses poop a lot, a whole lot, 8 to 12 times a day, every day.

Ask Mr. Marketing: Dancing as fast as you can

mr marketing.50x35

There was once a thing called delayed gratification. Work toward a goal, earn a reward. Because you’d earned it, the item meant more to you.

Today, taking time to get something is considered quaint by a generation raised to click a few buttons and immediately acquire vacations, videos, diamonds and the like.

Nowadays search engines provide instant access to information that once took weeks to research. Music is immediately available. E-books are downloaded and consumed faster.

What’s new at the movies?


Escape Plan R A designer of escape-proof prisons is framed for a crime and incarcerated in one of his own prisons. Can he escape? Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Caviezel, 50 Cent, Faran Tahir, Amy Ryan, Sam Neill

Manes & Trails: Acupuncture, an alternative that can work

Rope and Spurs

Did you know that acupuncture is an available service to horse owners for their equine friends? It has been for many years, but alternative treatments such as acupuncture are becoming more popular these days. It seems that more and more people I know are moving away from “traditional” medicine and going toward “holistic” therapies for themselves, and many are also including their animals in that movement.

TechPoint: Keystrokes to improve productivity

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“Stop, how did you do that?!” Often, as I work on a client’s computer they will be looking over my shoulder and stop me to ask how I did something. Usually this inquiry comes right after I use a keystroke to copy, cut or paste text or files along with other common tasks that can be done with simple keyboard commands.

Ramona’s Trainer: Take time to get down


It seems that we are always going, going, going. Hard work and diligence is a great trait to have when it comes to your career, family and exercise.

To succeed and make it atop the mountain peaks, you must push and persevere, even when you want to give in. That fringe, the edge

Animal Talk: I’m seeing parrots. What about you?

animal talk.50x35

I know the weather in Ramona is great, but I didn’t know we went tropical! I’ve been seeing parrots. Have you?

Green parrots have been living in Ramona for several years now. I was thinking who tracks these birds, as I’ve watched them grow in number. And then I found out.

Trimming trees for better reception


Last week I checked the sports’ page recently to see what college and high school football games were on the tube. The UT listed 35 games on Saturday but my satellite system had well over 50 choices. I also noted more high school football games than professional games.