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What feeds the mind also feeds the body


I usually dedicate this column to how you can improve your physical fitness and well-being through fitness, nutrition, supplementation, mobility and hard work. I would be kidding you and myself if I didn’t include how to be better through what you feed your mind.

We feed our minds through many avenues. From the shows we watch and the books we read to the people we associate with and the attitudes that we have, we decide how we mold our minds

Ask Mr. Marketing: Vacation thoughts

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¡HOLA! My bride and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary on the Mexican Riviera Maya. There we over-drank, overate, and overslept at every opportunity. We spent time in the ocean, in the jungle, in underground lakes, and on a zip-line shouting “YEE-HA!” with newfound friends.

Preset for success


Your preset game plan begins this week The holiday season is upon us and many people can put on as much as 5 to 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You can think of combating this in three ways. First, you could just go with the flow and expect to put this weight on, [...]

Ask Mr. Marketing: Doubling your chances

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There’s a term you don’t hear much anymore, though the concept is very much alive.

An A/B split is the way marketers simultaneously test two similar offers to the same audience. Once the offer generating better results is determined, it can be expanded to the world at-large.

Cuyamaca State Park and the squeaky wheel

Rope and Spurs

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is undergoing a transformation, and it’s not too late to be heard on the matter.

The nearly 25,000-acre park has acquired more land and is adjacent to Anza Borrego State Park as well as other public lands and trails. The third and final public meeting was held nearly a year ago and the public comment period is now open.

Four Cornerstones of Fitness Nutrition


When it comes to fitness and feeling and looking better, as well as performing at your peak levels, proper nutrition is the foundation for success. There’s a ton more science and practicality when it comes to nutrition than shared here, so bear that in mind as you read, but here are my “Four Cornerstones of Fitness Nutrition.”

Pierce Brosnan stars in ‘The November Man’


New in Theater — August 29

The November Man R An ex-CIA agent returns to the field to protect a witness and becomes a target for death by a former associate. Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Luke Bracey

As Above/So Below R A horrifying journey awaits a group of eager explorers as they search the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris. Stars: Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Perdita Weeks

It’s difficult to say goodbye


It is easy to say good luck but difficult to say goodbye.

I have been teaching, coaching and announcing Ramona athletic events since 1975. It was never a job. It was a pleasure. I received more than I gave. I laughed and cried. But most importantly, I had fun.

What Medicare does (and doesn’t) cover

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Medicare helps pay for a variety of medical services and goods in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare settings. But it doesn’t cover everything, and it’s useful to know what is and isn’t included.

Services are covered either under Medicare Part A or Part B. If you have both Part A and Part B, you can get many Medicare‑covered services whether you have Original Medicare or a Medicare health plan.

New CIF practice rules defy common sense


It is a shame the CIF has to make rules that are covered in most part by common sense. However, in my 40-plus years in education and high school athletics I have come to realize that common sense is not always as common as it should be.

Just look at some of the recent Letters to the Editor about our school board. Just because somebody votes “present” does not mean that that individual is all there.

This year the CIF has handed down rules and regulations regarding how many hours a week and how often teams can practice.