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Golf tournament serves dual purpose

   The eighth annual Dan Fager Memorial golf tournament was held Saturday at San Vicente Country Club. 

   “Dano” was a 1984 graduate of Ramona High School. After attending
Sonoma State University, he and his wife Leslie settled in Petaluma,
Calif., where he was a teacher and high school baseball coach.  Since
his death in 2003, his parents, Dave and Margie Fager of Ramona, have
celebrated Dano’s life by holding an annual golf tournament that serves
as a fundraiser for his children and also is a great opportunity for his
friends and family to get together.

Living with aggressive bees

   Africanized bee attacks are on the increase in San Diego County, with several reports in the past few weeks.
   In Lemon Grove, Jim Elliot was attacked by hundreds of bees while
working in his yard. Due to quick action by his wife Toni, who covered
herself with a sheet, ran to him and covered him, he survived the
   In Encinitas, Marco Lazaro was not so lucky. While operating a
backhoe, Lazaro disturbed a hive and unleashed thousands of bees. He
tried to escape the attack by running 600 feet to an outhouse, but he
was stung hundreds of times and died of a heart attack.

Tyler Jordan: 2010 State High Jump Champion

   Ramona High School’s Division II Champion Track Team took its show
on the road last weekend for the 2010 CIF State Track Meet.  The event
was held on June 4 and 5 at Buchanon High School in Clovis.
   Qualifying for the state meet were Logan Peterson in the discus,
Tyler Jordan in the high jump, Ryan Morgan in the 400 meter race, and
the 4×400 meter relay team of Morgan, Zach Kovach, Walker Poortinga and
Tim Wertz. Seth Drake was along as an alternate for the relay.

Biggest winners lose the most

   Ramona Fitness Center announced the recipients of its Biggest Winner
contest at an awards ceremony held in Ramona Mainstage on Sunday.
   Approximately 50 teams, with five members each, competed to lose the
highest percentage of weight over a six-week period. The winning team,
made up of Tim and Anne Mueller, their daughter Chelsea Steward, Aletha
Spurgin and her fiancé Mike McKenzie collected S2,500. The team’s name
is Pink No. 34.
   Each team that signed up had to go to Ramona Fitness Center once
every two weeks to weigh in, or the team was eliminated. No mandatory
workouts were required, but Ramona Fitness recommended that the
contestants work out at least four times a week and the center offered
two weekly workouts and full access to the gym and classes.

‘Every 15 Minutes’ jolts students with dose of reality

   Every 15 minutes someone in the United States dies from an alcohol-related traffic collision.
   That was the message given to Ramona High School’s senior and junior classes last Wednesday and Thursday.
   “Every 15 Minutes” is a program that was created in the mid-1990s
and has been presented in many high schools across the nation and
Canada. The Ramona High School faculty, California Highway Patrol, San
Diego County Sheriff’s Department and CalFire teamed up with local
businesses and parents to help put on this two-day event  that
challenged the students to think about the consequences of drinking and

CrossFit goes cross country

 The 22nd annual Arnold Sports Festival, named after California
Governor and former Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, featured
Ramona’s CrossFit Kids.
   CrossFit Kids in Ramona was the only children’s fitness program in
the nation invited to demonstrate its CrossFit Kids exercise program at
the sports festival, held in Columbus, Ohio, on March 4-7.
   The event hosted more than 18,000 athletes competing in 44 sports and fitness events.
   CrossFit Kids is a program designed to combine strength training
with running and agility exercises while the kids have fun. Making the
workout fun can help the kids stay with it and will allow them to grow
up with a healthy lifestyle while developing proper exercise mechanics,
said Todd Rakos, one of the program’s instructors.

On alert after Chelsea King’s murder

   The recent rape and murder of Poway teenager Chelsea King put many
Ramonans on high alert. Then, less than a week after finding King’s
body on March 2, officials reported finding the body of slain Escondido
teenager Amber Dubois, who had been missing for 13 months.
   These tragedies are a grim reminder of how many in the area take
their safety and that of their children for granted on day-to-day
   The fact that these  crimes happened so close to Ramona has people
searching for ways to protect themselves and their families. One
potential solution, teens and adults say, is to learn self-defense.
Debbie Rakos, manager of CrossFitBrandX in Ramona, noticed it

Ramona TEA’d steeps over issues

   Around 200 people gathered in Ramona Mainstage on Saturday afternoon
to attend the February meeting of Ramona TEA’d (Taxed Enough Already).
   Guest speakers for the forum were Chip Franklin of KOGO radio,
Michael Hayutin of San Diego Chapter of ACT! for America, and retired
U.S. foreign service officer Jim Horn.
   While the main theme for the meeting was Terrorism, many topics were
covered by the three speakers including illegal immigration, protecting
the Constitution and big government. Ramona resident Paul Pakus was
among those who braved cold and rainy weather to attend.
   “I am concerned that our government is pretty much out of control
and I want to be affiliated with a group that’s looking to slow down
what appears to be the insatiable growth of our government and to help
get us back in line with our Constitution,” said Pakus. “I’m looking
for a group like this to be a catalyst or a thorn in the side of both
the Republican and Democratic parties.” 

Coaches, players, parents pay tribute to Coach Tambo

   The 2009 Ramona High School football season marked the 35th and final year of coaching for Bill “Tambo” Tamburrino.
   In a special tribute during the year-end banquet held in the San
Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park, Tamburrino was given a special
plaque. Damon Baldwin, RHS varsity football head coach and athletic
director, presented the plaque on behalf of the varsity coaches,
players and parents.
   Tamburrino moved to Ramona with his wife Margaret in 1975. During
those 35 years, he has coached not only football, but also girls
softball, baseball, girls basketball, track and soccer.

Parents mark 10th anniversary of son’s death in special way

Christmas came early this year for 10 students from Olive Peirce Middle School.
   Last Thursday, a tree decoration ceremony in front of the school
marked the 10th anniversary of Steven and Denise Frothinger’s bicycle
giveaway. The ceremony honors their son Justin, who on Christmas
morning of 1999, at age 13, died from complications due to influenza
and gastroenteritis.