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Ramona Music Center: It Starts With A Downbeat

   Jon Hasz and Baylee Strayer, co-owners of Ramona Music Center, had
an idea: what would happen if they took dozens of musicians of
different ages and playing abilities and put them together in one room?
The answer became the Ramona Music Center Blues Jam.

   Every other Friday from 6 to 9 p.m., music is not only played, but
created in the store at 1045 Main St.  The Blues Jam has been an
ongoing opportunty for musicians to get together and play since the
winter of 2007.

County plan won’t work for RMWD

   “It seems to me that the county planners are disconnected from what
we’re going through up here,” said Ramona Municipal Water District
(RMWD) Division I Director Darrell Beck.
Beck was referring to a
discussion and possible action on the Draft Environmental Impact Report
for the San Diego County General Plan Update, which was of concern to
the RMWD directors during their Aug. 11 meeting.
   The County of
San Diego General Plan Update is the first comprehensive  update of the
General Plan since 1978. The plan applies to all unincorporated
portions of the county and consists of six elements: land use,
mobility, housing, conservation and open space, safety, and noise.

Blue Ribbon Contenders from Country Fairs Past

Country fairs always mean a little bit of fun, a little show and tell
and a lot of competition to see who raised the best livestock and who
prepared the best baked goods or concocted the perfect meat dish.
If you plan to enter a dish in the Ramona fair, here are a few blue
ribbon contenders dating back from the 1800s and early 1900s.

Shut-off plan ups fire risk, says district

Ramona Municipal Water District (RMWD) directors approved an emergency
resolution opposing San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E)
emergency power shut-off plan.

“Yesterday (July 27, 2009) the San
Diego City Council voted for approval of a proposal by San Diego Gas
and Electric (SDG&E) to implement an emergency power shut-off
plan,” attorney Sophie Akins with Best Best & Krieger, the
district’s legal counsel, told the RWMD Board at its July 28 meeting.
“We are asking the board tonight to pass a resolution opposing this

Water board wants center checked for dry rot before OK’ing repair work

Plans for improvements and repairs to the Ramona Community Center and
Senior Center were discussed during the July 14 meeting of the Ramona
Municipal Water District (RMWD).
The current condition of the center shows signs of missing stucco,
loose siding and possible dry rot in several areas on the exterior of
the building.
Bids for repairs to the deterioration of the center were sent out by
the Ramona Parks and Recreation Association (RPRA), the umbrella
organization under which Ramona Community Park and Ramona Community
Center operate. The lowest bid received for repairs and stucco is
$36,500. RPRA is willing to contribute $15,000 to the cost, while the
District will pay approximately $21,500 toward the project with money
taken from the General Capital Improvements Fund.

Water board approves water, sewer rate hikes

Ramona Municipal Water District (RMWD) directors held a public hearing
on June 23 to consider comments from all district customers regarding
increases in water and sewer rates.
In accordance with Proposition 218, approved by voters in November
1996, the district mailed 10,318 letters to customers announcing the
date, time and location of the public hearing. RMWD received only five
letters protesting the proposed increases.

Delinquent weed abatement bills go on property tax rolls

A resolution authorizing the collection of delinquent weed abatement
charges in excess of $72,000 was approved by the Ramona Municipal Water
District (RMWD) during their June 23 meeting. The imposed charges will
be placed on the San Diego County secured property tax rolls.
According to Kenny Osborn, president of Fire Prevention Services (FPS),
as well as RMWD Fire Marshal Saul Villagomez of Cal Fire, owners of 15
parcels owe the district a total of $72,007.98 for weed abatement work
on their properties.
“We have done everything we can do to get notices sent to these
individuals,” said board member Darrell Beck. “The problem is that some
of these properties are under new ownership.”

Creek Hollow Ranch: A continuing journey

It has always been called Creek Hollow Ranch: 350 acres of rolling
hills, pristine pastures, a sense of serenity and vibrant energy
nestled in Ramona’s Valley of the Sun. Over the years the ranch has
passed through several owners, but, when Colleen Burman became its
owner in 2000, she not only bought the property, but brought with her a

RMWD joins consumer group, OKs new weed rules

Ramona Municipal Water District (RMWD) directors last week approved
joining the Southern California Water Voice of Consumers at the Local
Level (SoCal VOCAL).
The RMWD Board last month had received a presentation from SoCal VOCAL.
Dan McMillian and Augie Caires, members of the Padre Dam Municipal
Water District Board, asked the Ramona board to consider joining VOCAL,
saying the group’s aim is to represent consumers’ interests at the
state and federal levels.
VOCAL is in its early stages of development. The intent is to get 20
agencies to join with an initial investment of $10,000 per agency.

Water district prepares for rate hikes

Ramona Municipal Water District (RMWD) expects at least a 5 percent
increase in the cost of treated water as the result of action by the
Metropolitan Water District (MWD) last week, David Barnum,  chief
financial officer for the Ramona district, told water board members at
their April 14 budget workshop.
“Today, we received a press release issued from the MWD,” RMWD General
Manager Ralph McIntosh said at the board’s third in a series of budget
workshops. “The district declared we are going into mandatory water
conservation effective July 1, 2009.”