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A labor of love for Christmas

   If you are driving along Highway 67 any time over the holidays and
you see that “lo!,” there appears a bright light, shining in the north
around Hope Street, then grab the kids and follow it to find lots of
fun, free train rides, snacks and toys, and a ton of sparkling young
   And you’ll find reindeer and bears and Santa, oh my!

Restoring town’s turkey theme—sort of

Longtime Ramona chicken farmer Joe Cebe Sr. would love to restore the
community’s reputation as the turkey capital of the world, but you
can’t raise turkeys in close proximity to chickens, so he is doing the
next best thing. He’s raising them in Potrero.

The two-star general who wasn’t

   It was all a big lie. David Weber of Ramona admitted today that he was
never a major general in the U.S. Marine Corps, and he was ordered by
the Corps’ Office of the Inspector General to never again wear the
general’s uniform or medals.
In an e-mail to the Ramona Sentinel earlier today, Capt. Michael T.
Dowling of the Separation and Retirement Branch at the Marine Corps
headquarters in Quantico, Va., told the Sentinel that “Mr. Weber was
contacted this morning and Mr. Weber agreed to cease and desist wearing
the Marine Maj. Gen. officer uniform since he was never a general
In an interview today, Weber said he apologizes to his friends, the
community and the Marine Corps, “which I love very much. I have often
said that God gave us one mouth and two ears so that we would listen
more than we talk. I did not follow that advice.”

Seniors to party at 35th

   They come by car, wheelchair, walker and scooter, but they all come
for the same reason—fun and fellowship with a little good food thrown
Where? The Ramona Senior Center—it’s a happenin’ place.

Ramona Food and Clothes Closet: A “bowl of compassion” in a world that can sometimes be cruel and hard

   Maybe Donna Zick summed it up best when she described it as a “bowl
of compassion” in a world that can sometimes be cruel and hard.
   She wasn’t talking about some huge philanthropic gesture or grand
government rescue program. She was talking about the Ramona Food and
Clothes Closet (RFCC) at 773 Main St. that, through a succession of
personal and community disasters over the past quarter of a century,
has been a life-saving godsend to the people of the surrounding area,
said Zick, a 50-year resident of Ramona and member of the RFCC Board of

Building Trust and Confidence: In the fear driven world of dentistry

   In 1990, Dr. D. Bruce Laurie was flat broke. He had no dental
supplies, not even enough material to fix a single tooth, and he had
only one customer.
   But as had been true throughout his entire career since leaving dental school in 1977, the customer came first.
   “I had lost a successful dental practice in Laguna Niguel by helping
finance an airline venture that had gone sour, and I had just spent the
last of my money except for $20 on an advertisement in the PennySaver.
I was offering an X-ray and examination for $7 and a cleaning for $25,”
recalled Laurie.

Fanning the flames of success

As a youngster, Jeremy Manley lived mainly on macaroni with cheese and
on quesadillas. But for light reading, he would pick up a recipe book
and mentally savor the ingredients, taking careful note of which
ingredients seemed to complement each other, and which spices were
deemed to enhance flavor.  
   Today, at 22, Jeremy is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef who commands the
kitchen and dining room of Jeremy’s on the Hill in Wynola, three miles
south of Julian, which, though open only for a little more than a year,
is drawing spectacular reviews.

All About Fun

   It all started when their 150-pound Great Dane, Hoss, was not
allowed to stay in a hotel room with them. So, because their pet was an
important part of the family, and because they were determined to have
him travel with them, Kevin and Nora Price bought a motor home.
   And from that simple and unlikely beginning, the Prices have built
Ramona’s All About Fun recreational vehicle sales, rental, consignment
and service complex—one of the most comprehensive and trusted RV
dealers in San Diego County, and maybe in Southern California.

Dentist turns white teeth into $25 million for kids

When Ramona resident and dentist Dr. Jeffrey C. Gray started his
“Smiles for Life” charitable foundation in 1998, he never dreamed that
10 years later $25 million in donations would have been handed out to
causes around the world.
“It was such a simple idea, but now dentists from throughout North
America, Britain and Australia have joined in,” said Gray, who funnels
his contributions through country singer Garth Brooks’ “Teammates For
Kids Foundation” because they have a well-developed distribution system.

Junior fair booster never stops dreaming

As the 38th Annual Junior Fair gets bustling with animals, fun and the
serious business of competition and auction, it can also be a time of
pleasant memories and fulfillment for a lot of Ramona’s longtime
residents, and among the leading ones would be former plumbing
contractor and pig breeder Jim Robinson—a perpetual volunteer at the
fair’s grounds.