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Ozzie finds a permanent home in Ramona

   And we think WE have a housing crisis.

   Take a moment to think of poor Ozzie of the Owens family in Ramona, who has had three homes in a single month!

   The first was taken over by a swarm of bees, so Ozzie and his parents were forced out.

   The second was a makeshift affair, thrown together quickly on the kitchen floor.
And the third, hopefully final, home, is a brand new single-story
California ranch-style job that Bill Owens put together with his power
tools and now sits atop the backyard trellis that has the roses on it.

Family needs help after tragic accident in Mexico

   A young Ramona couple are struggling to meet mounting medical bills
in Mexico after a horrific car accident left the couple helpless and a
family member dead.
   Ruben, 29, and Samantha, 26, Elizarraras were severely injured about
1:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 6, while returning from the Baja car race in
Ensenada. Ruben’s sister, who lived in Tecate, died in the crash.
   Ruben has a cracked vertebra and broken ribs and is being cared for
by his parents in Tecate. Samantha has extensive head and brain
injuries and is in a nearby hospital, though Ruben’s family must
provide much of the care, according to Samantha’s cousin, Wendy Cordova
of Ramona.
   Cordova is working to coordinate help between the United States and
Mexico for the couple, including trying to raise money to help with the

Busy Bee Preschool and Day Care Center

 Recognition. It is the very stuff of life. Babies cry for it. Brave
men die for it. And on June 12th, 42 Busy Bee Preschool students got
what was probably their first major taste of recognition from outside
their own family.
   Decked out in caps and gowns, they marched down the aisle to the
familiar sound of “Pomp and Circumstance.” The ceremony was held at The
Way Church on Hanson Lane to mark their graduation—from Busy Bee
Preschool and Day Care Center.
Now, if truth be told, there are some people who quietly snicker at such ceremonies for 4- and 5-year-olds.
   Snicker if you must, but a word of caution. Don’t do it in front of
Harry and Sondra Butler, who have devoted 30 years of their life to
young people since opening the school in 1981, or anywhere near their
daughter, Catheren Murray, who is the school’s director and has taught
there for 29 years.

Leading Edge Orthodontics

 Did you know that a lifetime of foot or leg or back pain might possibly be cured by realigning the jaw?
   “Every part of the body is either directly or indirectly connected
to every other part, and the solution to a problem in one part might be
found in almost any other part,” says Dr. Charles “Chuck” M. Hulsey, a
highly respected Ramona orthodontist who has developed and patented
many procedures and instruments used in tracking down the sometimes
elusive problems connected with the jaw and nervous system.
With an ever open and inquiring mind, Hulsey has spent 40 years working
with other medical specialists, podiatrists, chiropractors,
acupuncturists, experts in homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, herbalists,
nutritionists — indeed, anyone and everyone from here and many foreign
lands who can expand his understanding of the human body and mind.  

At age 100, Mabel Leggitt joins a select few in town

   Mabel Leggitt certainly qualifies as one of Ramona’s most senior
citizens after celebrating her 100th birthday here last Saturday.
   There were 60 family members and friends gathered at her 1540
Griffith Road home as she cut her cake and happily handed it around.
   “The party went real good,“ said Mabel, who recommends, “Leave
cigarettes alone — that’s first and most important. Go easy on the
liquor, live a simple life and stay away from rich foods.”

Harris hawk family moves in

 A rare family of Harris hawks appears to have set up home in Ramona.
   The property owner, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect the
feathered family from poachers and looky-loos, said he has been
watching the family for about two weeks and they appear to be settled
   “There appear to be two females and a male, so far,” he said. “At
first I thought they were eagles because of the unusually high-pitched
scream of one of the females, but it appears clear that they are Harris
   That was confirmed by Dave Bittner, executive director of the
Wildlife Research Institute on Highland Valley Road, who went out to
study, photograph and tag the birds.

Ditch the routine and join the fun at Ramona Fitness

   At the Ramona Fitness Center, it’s not just a motto or slogan, it’s
a way of life: “Ditch the routine, join the fun, and make your time
with us the best part of your day, every day.”
   And every day, from before the crack of dawn until well after the
sun has set, you can feel the energy and commitment as you walk through
the door of the center at 558 Main St., where a staff of 27 dedicated
professionals work constantly to expand and improve the exercise and
fitness experience.
   “We’ve moved into some new and exciting programs in the past year
and they are getting a great response,” said center owner Peter San
Nicolas, who has been a member of Ramona Fitness since he was 11 years

Ramona’s Ken Dower is one of war’s Chosin Few

 Most people remember Dec. 7, 1941, as the “day of infamy” that dragged
the United States into World War II. But for a select few, Dec. 7,
1950, is another day etched in memories as the remnants of U.S. Marine
Corps, U.S. Army and British Commando units finally escaped the
clutches of tens of thousands of Chinese troops who had them trapped at
the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea.
   Though it is almost 60 years later, those memories are still very
clear in the mind of Ramonan Ken Dower, then a sergeant in the U.S.
Marines, who marched and fought through the blinding snows and subzero
temperatures during a seven-day running battle after Gen. Douglas
MacArthur was taken completely by surprise by the Chinese.

‘Christmas miracle on Main Street’

   Friends are calling it “The Christmas Miracle on Main Street.”
   Robert and Victoria Bradley are owners of a brand new health food business—Ramona Family Naturals.
They signed their lease for part of the old Ace Hardware store at 642
Main St. in August, opened for business on Oct. 29, but ran into so
many challenges that by the first week in December there was only one
week of money left and they were looking at closing their store.

Dreaming of a white & gold Christmas

  Jewelry World & Loan can make a white Christmas come true at your house this holiday.
   Tamie McMillan  graces the front cover wearing a stunning
custom-designed gold and diamond necklace. This breathtaking creation
consists of 44 grams of beautiful white gold and nearly a carat of
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