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On the Trail of Our Ancient Past; Indian Reservations of Our Area

Ready for a history quiz?  How many Indian reservations are there in
San Diego County? When were the first reservations established and
What was the Native American population when Spaniards first arrived in
the county and what is it today? What does it mean that tribes are
sovereign nations under federal and constitutional law?  
Indian reservations began in the earliest years of United States history.

Ramona’s Ipai Indians and the Spaniards

After thousands of years of prehistoric tribal life, it is hard to
imagine the impact that Spanish colonialization had on our local
tribes. Exactly when the Ipai and Tipai Indians of Ramona Valley first
saw a Spanish soldier or missionary is uncertain. It is clear that the
hundreds of villagers had heard of bearded men in the eastern deserts
from their relatives and trading partners near the Colorado River well
before they were contacted by the explorers. 

The Prehistoric People of Ramona

The story of the prehistoric people of the Ramona Valley is a long and complex tale.
In general, the prehistoric periods of San Diego County are divided
into three phases. The San Dieguito were nomadic hunters of medium and
large game who lived in the area between 10,000 and 8,000 years ago.
They manufactured elaborate stone spear points and knives and occupied
the deep inland valleys.