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A More Healthy 2010?

Take from the rich, give to the poor, raise taxes for the middle class
and small business owners and reduce healthcare benefits for seniors.
Welcome to a more healthy 2010. The health reform bill that will pass
both houses will not only increase the national deficit, but will add
more government control to what used to be the land of free enterprise
and choice.

Have We Lost Our Family Values?

  My sister teaches the second grade at a school (middle income) in the
Central Valley. The stories she tells of how her students (7-year-olds)
will stand up in the middle of class and use four letter words to
express themselves is unbelievable, not to mention that they are
challenging her authority as well. The fact that she can only send them
to the principal’s office for punishment and then hope that the parents
don’t complain for her demanding respect in the classroom is even more

Highs & Lows of 2009

   The year 2009 in Ramona had many highs and lows. Here are just a few that come to mind.
   Low—Matthew Hedge, convicted child molester, was going to be relocated in Ramona within shouting distance of young children.
    High—The folks of Ramona united and Matthew Hedge is relocated to a trailer way outside of Ramona.
   High/Low—James Kurtenbach is arrested, charged with arson and
the death of Joseph Nesheiwat, and a trial date set (which has been
postponed until May 2010).
   High—Ramona To

My Favorite Things

   As the song goes, “these are a few of my favorite things” about the
holidays. There’s nothing better than leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed
potatoes and let’s not forget the gravy. After all of the cooking and
sharing with family, it just seems to taste better the day after—and
then later in the week: turkey tacos, turkey sandwiches…you get the

A time to give thanks

   As a relative of mine would say, “it doesn’t matter what we’re doing
or where we are, it’s all about the fellowship.” And he’s right.
Thanksgiving is a day to truly appreciate all that we have (and I’m not
talking about personal possessions or how much money we make or have in
the bank); it’s a time to enjoy the fellowship of family and friends.
It doesn’t matter how much or how good the food is—it’s the fellowship
that can never be experienced again.

No Excuses, No Mercy

  Ask any police officer, sheriff’s deputy or CHP officer what the
number one violation they issue tickets or pull over motorists for and
they will reply, “speeding.” What’s the number one reason for auto
accidents, speeding. Last week, Melvin Leroy Pearles of Ranchita was
ordered to stand trial on the charge of vehicular manslaughter of
Alexandra Drake, because he was speeding. When Pearles was asked by a
CHP officer if he thought he was speeding in excess of 80 mph, Pearles
replied that was possible since he drives a Jaguar and “doesn’t drive

Treats and Tricks

   With Halloween upon us, it seemed only appropriate to throw out some treats and a few tricks.

Tasty Treats
—Congrats to the “Here’s The Rub” BBQ team for picking
up an eighth place finish for ribs at the Viejas Casino BBQ
competition. Friday night Trick or Treaters on Main Street—always a
great show.

Athletic Treats
—RHS undefeated and #10 ranked football team. Ryan
Roberts, RHS senior gymnast on his way to Russia for the World
Championships. RHS JV Cross Country Team, winner of the Southern Cal
Invitational. Congrats to Ramona High’s NJROTC for a third place finish
in their competition against 22 other high school unit—great job! And a
special Thank You to Peter San Nicolas of Ramona Fitness as he
inspired, guided and trained the Sentinel staff for the past four weeks
of Ramona Fitness’s Corporate Challenge—the center’s staff was great,

SDSU’s Weber has it right

   To succeed in today’s business world, it’s all about investment and
performance, and higher education should be no different. The recent
protests regarding the change in the admission policy (due to state
budget constraints) for San Diego State reflect a combination of
misinformation and those students who might lose the guarantee of
admission because of lower grades and test scores. 

It’s Time To Get out and Do Something

   In a year’s time, the average full-time worker will spend about
2,000 hours at work, around 2,500 hours sleeping and over 4,000 hours
doing a combination of resting, relaxing, driving, playing, eating,
etc. So why not use some of those 4,000 hours and enjoy a few of the
activities and events that are happening in our town? Here’s a rundown
of just some of the upcoming events and activities.

Special Delivery

   It was just a little over 30 years ago I remember holding my
daughter (our first child) in my arms and trying to comprehend the
miracle of birth. This past Sunday, Oct. 4, I was doing the exact same
thing with our just born grandson (my daughter’s first child and our
first grandchild) and thinking the same thing. Being part of a new life
born into the world is a very special feeling, it’s a life changing
experience that grows in pleasure with every passing day.