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Rants and Raves

   RAVE: Kudos to Olive Peirce
Middle School for its fifth annual Civil War Living History. What a
great way to teach history through active participation and
interactivity. Schools need to do more of this.
   RANT: Another delay in the
trial of James Kurtenbach, as he has yet another attorney. These stall
tactics will only last so long and then justice will be served.
   RAVE: Ramona High School’s
“Every 15 Minutes” program presentation. If the real consequences of
drinking and driving can get through to even just a handful of kids,
lives will be saved.
   RANT: The fact that anyone
could ask the judge for probation in the case of Melvin Pearles, who
got a four-year sentence for excessive speed resulting in the death of
Alexandra McKiernan-Drake, or that Katrina Flippin is only charged with
misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter (maximum one year sentence) in the
connection of the death of Mark Anthony when she did a U-turn in front
of Olive Peirce Middle School while driving with a suspended license
and no proof of car insurance.

We Can’t Blame the Roads

 It’s in the news every day: auto/traffic accidents. But are they truly
accidents? Every day, those of us who drive get into our vehicles
thinking for the most part that we will arrive at our destination
safely. We take driving a vehicle as our right.      After all, we
passed a driving test and were issued a license (in most cases). And
every day people speed, drink and drive, don’t wear seat belts, talk or
text on their cell phones, don’t come to a complete stop, run red
lights, look one way and not  the other, and much more. So when auto
accidents happen, are they really accidents or because of the way
people drive, a natural occurrence and we should expect collisions to
happen? Driver training courses teach us defensive driving, but what
can you do when someone drifts across into your lane and there is no
time for defensive maneuvers and no place to go?

Federal “F” Bombs

 The approval of the health care reform bill has caused some “F” bombs
to be dropped. From Vice President Joe Biden when he dropped it to
President Obama after he signed the bill to Senator Christopher Dodd,
D-Conn, who dropped his “F” bomb in reference to Franklin Roosevelt.
Senator Dodd compared the passing of the health care reform bill to
fulfilling the last of the four great freedoms. On Jan. 6, 1941, in his
State of the Union Address to Congress, Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke of
future days of a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The
first was freedom of speech and expression; the second, freedom of
worship; the third, freedom from want; and the fourth, freedom from
fear. It is the fourth freedom, freedom of fear, that Senator Dodd is
referring to — in this case the freedom of fear should you or someone
in your family suffer a catastrophic health problem and not be insured.

California LLC

 As Donald Trump would say, “You’re Fired!’ The current economic state
of California should not be entirely blamed on the governor’s office,
but rather on the most ineffective legislature that has ever been
elected. These crooks have sold us down the river and it’s time to try
something new: California LLC. Let’s turn California into a limited
liability corporation. All of the legislature will be terminated, along
with all of the city mayors, eliminate the unions and all pensions and
let’s start fresh. Our operating plan will be based on a partnership in
which all legal residents will have one share each and will receive a
K-1 at the end of each year for their share of income or losses, which
they would report on their federal tax return. California would not
have any personal or property tax, just a simple 10-15% sales tax that
everyone pays.

Hits & Misses

   The following are just a few of the recent hits and misses that affect the Ramona community.
   HIT: The Ramona Village
Design Group as they continue to work on finishing the village design
plan. The completion of this plan will help provide a blueprint for
Ramona’s future.
   MISS: County transportation
impact fees (TIF) that continue to slow down or even eliminate building
projects including the Palomar Pomerado Health Center which has had
financial and management problems as well and still has not broken
ground even though the property was purchased four years ago.
   HIT: The Ramona Community
Library, which after a slight delay has broken ground and looks to be
on track to hit its targeted opening.

A Great First Step

 The sheriff’s department is becoming a lot more transparent (might be
because there is an election on the horizon). Whatever the reason, it’s
a good thing for Ramona. As with any law enforcement group, they have
their critics. But now with The Ramona Citizen’s Advisory Group there
will be a direct communication line of our community’s concerns to the
sheriff’s Ramona Substation. Lt. Duncan Fraser stated “this is your
group” and it will be up to the advisory group to set its own agenda,
not the sheriff’s department. Which plain and simple means, if you have
a question, suggestion or a concern, you should be able to get an
   The advisory group needs to be focused and decide on a mission
statement that defines the goals and what they want to accomplish. Now
that there is an advisory group established, the hard work starts. The
group must stay on task and not lose direction. They must be responsive
to the community’s concerns and they must hold the sheriff’s department

For Love or Money

   Life has gotten complicated. It seems everything we do has so many
layers that I feel like I’m getting ready to go outside in the middle
of winter in South Dakota. We check our e-mail, voicemail, Facebook,
Twitter and other social networking sites. We text instead of talk.
What’s happened to simple communication between people and the pleasure
of enjoying someone’s company face to face.
   Valentine’s Day used to be a day where lovers would express their
love for one another with a simple card with a nice verse that
expresses your feelings, flowers, candy, maybe dinner and or a movie.
These options still remain today, but the simpleness is gone.
Valentine’s Day is now a mega commercial spending event.

More Action, Less Words

 For President Obama, it’s time to take off the training wheels and the
teetering back and forth and start moving straight ahead to get things
done. Obama’s confidence rating has dropped from a high of 74 percent
when he was elected to just over 50 percent now. Democrats and
Republicans alike are angry and frustrated. Obama’s first year in
office has been marred with the ongoing health care debate, the
continued loss of jobs (over 3 million in the past year), soaring
federal deficit ($1 trillion higher), the loss of Democratic leaders
(deciding not to run for re-election) not to mention the upset victory
of the Republican candidate in the Massachusetts Senate race, and the
near terrorist disaster on Christmas Day.

Time to Outsource

 Arnold got it right. The current health care reform bill is “health
care to nowhere.” He also got most of it right with his recent state of
the state address and the proposed $500 million job training/new jobs
program. Creating new jobs, as long as they are not state employee
jobs, needs to be the priority. But if we don’t have jobs, what good is
spending money on job training. All focus/monies should be put to
providing a stimulus to the private sector to develop jobs. Private
industry is very capable of training their own employees. From paid
internships, to tax savings, to supplementing wages for hiring of new
employees, this is where the $500 million should be spent to get more
people working and spending. Over the past 10 years California state
employees have increased dramatically along with reduced services and a
huge debt. With that track record, to spend more money on programs that
will increase state employees is a very bad idea.

A Sound Investment

 The Barona Noise & Pollution Action Committee is disappointed that
the feds have not done something about “increased noise and dust
pollution” coming from the Barona Oaks MX track. Word from the Southern
California agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs says it has no
jurisdiction over the maintenance and operation of the track—it’s up to
the Barona Band of Indians and the U.S. attorney cannot do anything
without the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The operators of the track have
made several modifications to help minimize the noise and dust and
appear to be within the EPA guidelines. Bottom line—all that will be
done, has been done. The fact that the track was established at the
same time as the Country Estates, and that homeowners are given a
general discloser regarding the existence of the track will make it
virtually impossible to have any additional action taken.