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Did your party win, or was it the bad guys?

Last month, this column dealt with the early history of our two
national parties, and some of their more recent successes and failures.
We’ll continue with earlier history, and finish up with how things are
now, with what I identified as Party X and Party Y. If you read last
month’s issue, it probably became obvious as to which was and is the
conservative or the liberal group.  Back to the future:

Be Careful What You Wish For!

This is the first of a two-part series. More of the early histories of the two parties will be published next month.

National elections are bearing down on us, again. I like the way the
Brits do it: the PM declares an election and, a few weeks later, they
have one.  
Here, we torture ourselves with over a year of excess gas and bluster;
regularly reject highly-qualified, yet uncharismatic folks; and settle,
sometimes, for also-rans.  Such may be the case, now. The guy who made
the most sense, to me, was Ron Paul, but he was thrown out way too soon.
It might be instructive to review the histories of our two national
parties. Bear in mind, that many of our founders rejected the notion of
parties, but they sprang up, anyway.