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Sentencing April 7 in man’s death

   A Ramona woman has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor vehicular
manslaughter in connection with the death of Mark Anthony Taylor, a
motorcyclist who struck her car while she was making a U-turn in front
of a school on Sept. 15, 2009.
   Katrina Flippin, 28, is charged with causing the death of Taylor,
46, who was riding his motorcycle about 5:10 p.m. in front of Olive
Peirce Middle School. Flippin made a U-turn in front of him on Hanson
Lane, and Taylor crashed into the rented Dodge sedan she was driving.
   Flippin also pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license and
failure to provide or have car insurance. Deputy District Attorney
Brooke Tafreshi said Flippin could get a maximum sentence of one year
in jail and several thousand dollars in a fine.
   Sentencing was set for April 7 at 1:30 p.m. in El Cajon Superior
Court. Judge Gary Bubis allowed Flippin to remain free on her own

Woman accused of misdemeanor manslaughter in local man’s death

 A Ramona woman who allegedly struck and killed a motorcyclist in front
of a school last September has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor
vehicular manslaughter and driving on a suspended license.
   Katrina Flippin, 28, is charged with causing the death of Mark
Anthony Taylor, 46, who was riding his motorcycle on Sept. 15, 2009,
about 5:10 p.m. in front of the Olive Peirce Middle School. Flippin
made a U-turn in front of him on Hanson Lane, and Taylor crashed into a
rented Dodge sedan she was driving.
   District Attorney spokesman Paul Levikow said Flippin is charged
with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter because there were no
allegations of drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.
The maximum sentence is one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Burglary suspect to be arraigned

 Roy Daniel Scott, 29, of Ramona, will be arraigned March 9 in El Cajon
Superior Court on four counts of commercial burglary stemming from
break-ins at several businesses in Ramona. Scott is also charged with
petty theft and committing vandalism, according to court records.
   Scott was arrested Feb. 6 by sheriff’s deputies. He had been living
at a sober living house in Ramona when deputies arrested him after
finding some items in his room that were believed taken from
businesses. The burglaries started in mid-December and continued into
   On Feb. 6, deputies heard glass breaking in an area at Fifth and
Main Streets and someone saw a suspect dumping stolen property. After
arresting Scott, they searched his room and found items believed to be
taken from businesses.
   At Scott’s arraignment. a judge will determine the amount of bail
that should be set and calendar a date for the preliminary hearing.

Letzring pleads guilty to lewd act with teen

 David Eric Letzring, 50, of Ramona, pleaded guilty Friday, Feb. 5, to
one count of committing a lewd act with a 15-year-old girl. He faces up
to six years in state prison, said Deputy District Attorney Ben Tao.
   Sentencing was set for March 24 by El Cajon Superior Court Judge
Charles Ervin. Three other similar charges involving the same girl were
dropped when he pleaded guilty to one count. The incident took place on
Halloween in the Borrego Springs area.
   “He actually stipulated to (receiving a six-year) sentence,” said Tao.
Letzring was arrested Nov. 5 by sheriff’s deputies. The teen-age girl
told a school official about the incident and the sheriff’s department
was contacted.

Ramona man is back on probation

 A 20-year-old Ramona man who admitted he violated probation terms in a
case involving child pornography on a computer has been reinstated on
three years probation after serving more than a year in jail.
   Last September, Joshua Younessian was supposed to start a 90-day
diagnostic study at Chino State Prison so officials could recommend
whether probation should be reinstated or if he should go to prison.
Because the sheriff’s department never received the paperwork that
ordered the transfer to Chino, Younessian remained in county jail for
four months.
   When he appeared before San Diego Superior Court Judge Robert
Trentacosta on Jan. 8, the judge and attorneys were surprised to learn
that Younessian had never been taken to Chino. Trentacosta discussed
the case with attorneys and then ruled that Younessian had served
enough jail time.

Man, 29, sentenced in sex case

 A Ramona man who pleaded guilty to having unlawful sexual relations
with a 17-year-old girl has been sentenced to one year in custody and
may serve it in a work furlough facility.
   Jeremy Richard Turney, 29, was placed on three years probation by El
Cajon Superior Court Judge Patricia Cookson on Jan. 26, but she said
she doubted that Turney had a job that would qualify him to enter a
work furlough facility. She recommended that he be screened for it to
see if he’s eligible.
   Turney’s attorney asked for an extension on the screening in a
hearing set for Feb. 8. However, attorney William Wolf later canceled
that hearing, and the prosecutor did not know if Turney has been
accepted into a work furlough program.
If accepted, Turney would be free to work days and then be locked up at
nights and on weekends for up to a year. He has to have a job that
qualifies him to do it. The probation department will have to approve

Student pleads guilty

 The 19-year-old student who was charged with making a criminal threat
against Ramona High School has pleaded guilty to making a false bomb
   Korey Robert Flad faces up to three years in prison, but a sentence
with probation has not been ruled out, said Deputy District Attorney
Heather Trocha. El Cajon Superior Court Judge Peter Deddeh set
sentencing for March 18.
   Flad is still barred from attending the high school as part of a
court order and remains free on $50,000 bond. The criminal threat
charge was dropped Feb. 8 after he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of
making a false bomb report, which is also a felony.

Murder suspect gets public defender after lawyer drops case

 Ramona businessman James Kurtenbach was appointed a new attorney
Monday after his retained attorney asked to be taken off the case.
   Kurtenbach is charged in the death of his employee, Joseph
Nesheiwat, who was killed when Kurtenbach’s vacant home burned down in
an arson fire in 2008. A May 17 trial date is scheduled.
   Bart Sheela III, a lawyer with the Alternate Public Defender’s
office, took over the case when El Cajon Superior Court Judge Herbert
Exarhos appointed him after Steigerwalt bowed out. The Alternate Public
Defender’s agency serves defendants in which witnesses or others have
been given public defenders and there is some type of legal conflict.
   A closed hearing was held last week over Steigerwalt’s pending
departure in which the public and the prosecutor were excluded.
Steigerwalt asked to be relieved, and he asked for the hearing to be
moved up.

Judge issues $100,000 warrant

 A woman who was arrested Sept. 28 after sheriff’s deputies found
methamphetamine for sale in her van didn’t showed up for her
arraignment after posting $20,000 bond, so a judge issued a $100,000
warrant for her arrest.
   Kellie Ann Parkhurst, 52, of Lakeside, has already forfeited her
cash bond, and a bail bonds company as well as authorities are looking
for her. After she missed several court appearances, an El Cajon
Superior Court judge issued the $100,000 warrant for her arrest.
   Someone reported to sheriff’s deputies on Sept. 28 that they noticed
a person was sleeping in a van in the 700 block of F Street in Ramona.
A search of the van found 13.2 grams of methamphetamine. The street
value of the drug was estimated between $1,500 and $2,000.

Drunk driver gets 16-year prison term in two deaths

 While family members of two people who were killed by a drunk driver
struggled Friday, Jan. 8, at his sentencing to come to grips with their
loss, the mother of one young victim declared, “I don’t understand why
we could have a war on terror, a war on drugs, but not a war on DUI
   The comments came during the sentencing of Shannon Kelly Shimp, 36,
who got the maximum term of 16 years in state prison for what a jury
convicted him of on Sept. 18.
   Relatives of Ian Kinney, 19, of Julian, and Joseph Edwards, 52, of
Ramona, expressed dismay that the jury acquitted Shimp of two counts of
second-degree murder.