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Judge delays sentencing until prosecutor presents numbers

   A federal judge seemed irked Monday when a prosecutor told her he did
not have restitution figures for two Ramona men who played lesser roles
in a fraud that was started by Rollo Norton II, a former Ramona
financial planner whom she sentenced to two years in prison on June 28.

   After U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Huff asked Assistant U.S.
Attorney Larry Casper for the figures and he didn’t have them, she
delayed sentencing until Aug. 27 for Scott Greer, 33, and Todd Johnson,
37. Both remain free on $50,000 bond.

   Huff seemed surprised that Casper didn’t have the figures “after all
this time” for how much he believes Greer and Johnson are responsible
for. Huff noted she set a restitution hearing for Norton for Sept. 20,
but he was the mastermind of the scheme.

Witness availability delays Flippin manslaughter trial

   The misdemeanor manslaughter trial of a Ramona woman accused of
causing a fatal motorcycle accident has been delayed to Oct. 21 because
some witnesses were unavailable for trial in July.

   Katrina Flippin, 29, is accused of making a U-turn in front of Mark
Anthony Taylor, 46, who was on a motorcycle and was killed when the
motorcycle he was driving hit her car on Sept. 15, 2009, at 5:10 p.m. in
front of Olive Peirce Middle School. She is also accused of driving
with a suspended license and without insurance. Deputy District Attorney
Brooke Tafreshi said she asked for the delay in the trial because some
law enforcement officers were out of town in the second week of July, so
the July 7 trial date was vacated at her request.

   Flippin waived her right to have a speedy trial and it was reset for
Oct. 21. Tafreshi said she informed the victim’s family of the delay so
they wouldn’t waste a trip coming to El Cajon.

Dog fighting case delayed

 The 2008 dog fighting case against a Ramona resident was delayed June
28 and trial is set for Aug. 30 in El Cajon Superior Court.
   Raul A. Leyva, 35, disputes the charges filed against him in 2008
and has waived his right to have a speedy trial. He is accused of one
felony count that alleges he possessed a dog with the intent to use
that dog for dog fighting and with a misdemeanor count of failure to
obtain a kennel license.
   Leyva’s attorney, Vikas Bajaj, said in an earlier interview the dog
in question was one that Leyva did not own, but was keeping temporarily
for someone else.Animal control officers from San Diego County raided
Leyva’s home on Boundary Avenue on May 14, 2008, and seized 10 pit bull
   Leyva’s attorney said his client has not engaged in dog fighting and Leyva was a dog lover.

Man faces sentencing in beer heist

   Christopher James Kenney, 19, of Ramona, got a little more time
Monday before he’s sentenced on a burglary charge involving a beer
heist at the Arco am/pm mini-market.
   Kenney appeared before El Cajon Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin,
who rescheduled sentencing for July 7. Kenney pleaded guilty to
burglary involving an April 28 incident inside the mini-market when he
and a buddy allegedly tried to steal beer.
    Two men entered the mini-market at 1015 Main St. at 2:35 a.m., but
one left without taking anything. Kenny is believed to have fought with
a clerk when he was taking two cases of beer out of the store. He was
identified on store video and later arrested at his home.
   The clerk was not hurt. Damages to displays and theft of beer was
estimated at $120. Deputy District Attorney Ron Mendes said Kenney
faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison, but probation has
not been ruled out. He remains free on bond.

Man sentenced in police standoff

 A Ramona man who was involved in a 7-1/2 hour standoff with sheriff’s
deputies has been sentenced to eight days in jail, which he has already
served, with 172 days suspended on terms of three years probation.
   Lawrence Steven Monterastelli, 42, was fined $1,814 and will not
have to serve a 172-day jail term as long as he abides by probation
conditions that follow an Oct. 11, 2009, incident at his home on Luelf
Street in the Holly Oaks development. His girlfriend, 38, called
sheriff’s deputies saying he had threatened her and her two children.
   El Cajon Superior Court Judge Peter Deddeh did not lift the
restraining order against Monterastelli that bars him from having
contact with his former girlfriend. Deputy District Attorney Timothy
Campen said the victim “doesn’t want to modify the order,” so the judge
left it in place.

Burglar receives 1 year in county jail

   Roy Daniel Scott, 29, of Ramona, has been sentenced to one year in
county jail after pleading guilty to  commercial and vehicular
burglary. He received credits of 101 days already spent in jail, and
the sheriff’s department says his projected release is Sept. 13.
   El Cajon Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin ordered Scott to pay
$9,282.22 in restitution to the victims. He was placed on five years
probation and fined.
   Deputy District Attorney Genaro Ramirez said Scott pleaded guilty in
April to commercial burglary on Feb. 5 of a San Diego County publics
work station. Scott also pleaded guilty to burglarizing a vehicle and
to commercial burglary of a mobile home in Ramona.

Man pleads no contest to harassing teen

   A Ramona man arrested May 14 for harassing a 17-year-old girl has
pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge and faces approximately six
months to a year in jail when he is sentenced on June 7.
   James Leo Flaherty III, 46, pleaded no contest to following the
teenage girl in a car and staring at her as she walked in the 300 block
of 16th Street on May 11. The victim told sheriff’s deputies he had
followed her and her sister before and had once placed a pornographic
magazine on the sidewalk where they would walk.
   Flaherty appeared before an El Cajon Superior Court judge on a
misdemeanor charge of annoying a child, said District Attorney
spokesman Paul Levikow. The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor
conviction is one year.
   A no contest plea is handled the same as a guilty plea in that it is
a conviction, but the plea cannot be used in a civil suit as evidence
of wrongdoing. The no contest plea literally means a defendant is not
challenging or contesting the charge against him.

Robber gets one year in jail

 A Ramona man who pleaded guilty to robbery outside a salon and
receiving stolen property has been sentenced to one year in jail on
condition of three years probation.
   Stan Lee Elsasser, 34, has a projected release date of Oct. 25,
according to the sheriff’s department. He was sentenced by El Cajon
Superior Court Judge Charles Ervin, who gave him credit for 69 days
already spent in jail, including time off for good behavior.
   Elsasser admitted to holding up a woman behind Salon Blondies at
1925 Main St. on Feb. 15 and to receiving another person’s property on
Feb. 25. The victims spoke at the sentencing and Ervin fined him $1,312.

Motorist withdraws guilty plea in fatality

   To the disappointment of more than 50 people who came to support
Carolyn Taylor, the widow of a Ramona motorcyclist who was killed in
2009, a judge on May 4 allowed a Ramona motorist to withdraw her guilty
plea to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and instead face a trial in
   Katrina Flippin, 29, had pleaded guilty March 9 to all counts, but
the plea terms allowed her to withdraw her plea if the probation
department and District Attorney’s office sought the maximum sentence,
which is one year in jail. The prosecutor and probation department
recommended the maximum. Her attorney requested to withdraw the guilty
plea, which was allowed by El Cajon Superior Court Judge Gary Bubis. A
trial date was set for July 7.

Woman jumps bail, gets 9 years

 A woman who was found sleeping in her van along with methamphetamine
by Ramona sheriff’s deputies was sentenced April 28 to nine years and
eight months in state prison.
   Kellie Ann Parkhurst, 52, of Lakeside, received such a long term
from El Cajon Superior Court Judge John Thompson because she was out on
bail for a previous drug case and jumped bail. She was arrested Sept.
28, 2009, in the 700 block of F Street at 9:27 p.m. in Ramona.
   Deputies found 13 grams of methamphetamine in her van and discovered
she was facing an earlier drug case for which she had posted bond.
Parkhurst was able to post $20,000 bond on the Ramona case, but
disappeared and did not show up for arraignment.