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Jerome’s makeover helps family through tough time

   Brandi Gauthier Sauceda and husband Juan are recipients of a makeover contest sponsored by Jerome’s Furniture.  
The Saucedas’ story dates back to the Cedar fire in 2003. Their home
was destroyed in the fire—and their second home was destroyed in the
Witch wildfire in 2007.

College makes a difference, men tell boys

   Middle school apparently is not too soon to start thinking about college.
   Members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) at Olive Peirce
Middle  School organized an event that gave students an opportunity to
hear what college meant to the careers of a group of professional men.
   The invitation-only Men’s Career Expo was for male students at OPMS
with a grade point average of 3.0 or better and a citizenship standing
of “satisfactory” and above.

Neo-Tech team gears up for ‘10 Build Season

   High school students from Ramona Unified School District are
preparing for another season of competition on a different kind of
playing field.
   Combining the excitement of competitive sportsmanship with the
science of the mind, the Neo-Tech robotics team is gearing up for its
fourth season.  
   “It really is a competitive sport,” said Richard Waters, robotics
coordinator and Ramona High School math teacher. “The students have
strict guidelines to follow, limited resources to construct a robot
that will accomplish a set of given tasks and a deadline.” 

Teen center needs adult volunteers

   The long anticipated “hang out” for teens is open. More than a year
of meetings, research and cost analysis made the dream a reality.  
   Nancy Roy, Palomar Pomerado Health Community Action Council liaison,
said the center is a “drop-in/drop-out” location for teenagers between
seventh and twelfth grades.
   “This is a place teens can come after school to hang out with
friends, play games, get on the computers and just have some fun,” said
   The center is a safe location for teens after school.  
“We don’t babysit them and they are allowed to come and go as they
please,” said Roy. “There are rules in place to ensure the safety of
the teens that choose to come here (a code of conduct) but at the same
time no one is expected to ‘check in’ with anyone.”

Rescued cats ready for adoption

   Ramona’s Fund For Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (FFAWRC)
continues working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
to help feral cats rescued from the Channel Islands.
   As reported in the Ramona Sentinel on Aug. 20, the wildlife
rehabilitation center in Ramona added 54 feral cats to the roster of
critters cared for at the sanctuary. The cats, rescued from San Nicolas
Island,  the outermost of the Channel Islands—about 60 miles off the
Southern California coast—were transported to the center at 18740
Highland Valley Road as part of an ongoing operation headed by HSUS.

Shore to Shore walk honors those who serve

   Traffic slowed on as Sinh Tho Nguyen carried a U.S. flag down
Ramona’s Main Street. In a one-man parade, the 40-year-old displayed a
sign on his back that read  “Shore to Shore: A Walk Across America to
Honor Those Who Serve.”
   Nguyen (pronounced “when”) waved to cars, took pictures and continued toward the end of his 2,600-mile journey. 

Eighth-grader walks for cure for Type 1 diabetes

   Eighth-grader Patrick “PJ” Donaldson looks like any other
14-year-old at Olive Pierce Middle School.  He plays soccer and likes
drawing, music, playing video games and skateboards.
   A trip to Washington, D.C., this year with the OPMS eighth-grade
class will reveal one special difference in this easygoing young
man—Donaldson will need a medical chaperone. 

Freeman house of horrors ‘too terrifying’ for some

   As screams cut through Ramona on Halloween night, rumors began to
circulate of a local haunted house “too terrifying” to finish.  Wild
stories spilled out from young and old alike about a chainsaw-wielding
madman, corpses and real bones scattered about dismembered bodies.  
   In Ramona?  Yes, Ramona.  The kicker is the location. 

Mike Rowe gets dirty at Oasis Camel Dairy

   Ever consider being a camel farmer? On a visit to Ramona, Mike Rowe
of television’s Dirty Jobs fame got to try milking these towering
beasts, and a filming of the popular Discovery Channel series landed
the crew at Ramona’s Oasis Camel Dairy.

Living life second by second

    It is often said in the medical community that “seconds count.” 
Following more than a month of living second by second, the Griffin
family of Ramona realize what this means.
   On Tuesday, Aug.18, Mark Griffin, 41, returned home from work
completely exhausted. Blaming the tiredness on a hard day, Griffin
simply went to bed and returned to work the next day.