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Hot to be, or not to be—that is the question

Happy New Year, everyone. Ah, the new year with all of our resolutions,
not to mention a bit tight in the waistband, and budget. It seems no
matter what we do, the thought about not gaining weight over the
holidays, some of us just do! Those resolutions, the ones we want to
stick to and — oh well, “I will think about that tomorrow,” as Scarlet
O’Hara said in Gone with the Wind.

Snazzy, Sassy, Jazzy Sauces part 2

‘Tis the season, as Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanza are around the
corner and we will be welcoming visits with family and friends, plus
ringing in a new year. The scents of the season are part of “those
favorite things.” Cookies are baking and bread is rising, recipes are
created and shared as generations come together to celebrate during
this holiday season.

Snazzy, Sassy, Jazzy Sauces

During the past several months, many have experienced horrific battles with the economy, financial institutions, people facing job losses — and the list goes on. The bright light on the horizon is planning for Thanksgiving with family and friends. We cannot change what has already passed; we now can concentrate on celebrating our own special harvest.

La Dolce Vita — The Sweet Life

Almost one year has passed since we in Ramona and our sister
communities experienced the horrific fires of October 2007. As we look
around our town and hillsides, we see the rebuilding of homes, and
spirits soar with anticipation of completion. The pumpkin patch on
Highway 78 springs with the potential harvest of pumpkins where our
children can pick “the right one!”
It is approaching fall, although the weather seems to have different
ideas, and we witness the fields and vineyards ready for harvest. Our
economy is uncertain, we do not know the outcome of the elections, but
one thing holds true for us — we have our family and friends to share
our bounty.