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What’s at the movies this Halloween weekend?

New in Theaters — October 31

Before I Go to Sleep R A middle age writer is incapable of forming new memories with her patient husband due to an accident in her mid-20s. Stars: Nicole Kidman, Mark Strong, Colin Firth

Nightcrawler R A TV journalist seeks out crimes and accidents in progress with a group of rogue cameramen and a veteran news reporter. Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton

Letter to editor: Borrowing to repay debt is risky business, poor management

Measure Q is full of double-talk. Let’s be honest. It’s not about quality education or students. It’s about a loan coming due and no money to pay it. Ramona Unified School District owes $25 million plus other obligations. The total is said to be $32 million.

Crews have Walnut Street fire under control


Emergency crews responded to the report of a fire in the 1300 block of Walnut Street at 3:41 p.m. today.

By 3:59, the fire was under control, reported the CHP website.

Letter to editor: Acknowledge your resentments, try to forgive, and vote Yes on Q

I reckon that the men and women of the VFW in Ramona are not ignorant of the past mistakes of the RUSD governance team. I’m sure they are aware that some fellow Ramonans feel betrayed by the RUSD Board taking on this huge debt in spite of voters voting no a decade ago.

Letter to editor: All VFW members should have been polled on Q

Recently Doug Scholl had a letter published in the Ramona Sentinel which stated that our Ramona VFW Post supported the upcoming Proposition Q. I would like to let Doug Scholl know that not all VFW members support Prop Q. Why would one vote for higher property taxes?

Ramona Fire Department reports

Ramona Fire Department responded to:

Sunday, Oct. 26

•Medical aids

-17000 block Highway 67.

-1000 block Olive Avenue.

-16000 block Daza Drive.

-14000 block Mussey Grade Road.

-2500 block Via Majella.

-100 block North 14th Street.

What are RUSD’s priorities?

Ramona Unified School District (RUSD) puts a lot of information about itself in the Sentinel. Often it boasts of the classes it offers and the projects it wants to accomplish, but such boasting can backfire in financially strained times.

Should a financially troubled school district offer a cooking class? A digital photography class? A guitar class? Yoga for football players? Pay $500,000 to refurbish a playing field?

Time to bring back the pride

I have lived here for nearly 35 years — and I am a proud to call Ramona “Home.” My parents moved our family to Ramona in 1981 to be closer to the family business, Mi Ranchito Taco Shop. I believe it was one of the best things my parents ever did for us.

Bulldog spikers undefeated in first round of league play


Ramona High School completed the first round Valley League girls volleyball league play undefeated after a three-game win at Fallbrook.

The Bulldogs, whose second-round matches will include the contest at Valley Center on Oct. 30 and a Nov. 4 home competition against Orange Glen, began the second round of league activity with a three-game win at Oceanside on Oct. 23.

Bulldogs to square off Thursday with Rancho Bernardo for league championship


It has been said that Ramona travels well. The Bulldog faithful proved that Friday night in Poway. Looking at the sea of Bulldog Blue, cowboy hats, flannel and boots, it was apparent that Ramona vastly outnumbered the home crowd, and the team gave the travelers a lot to cheer about.